As the mother of the bride, you have a very important role to play on your daughter’s wedding day—it is to deliver a heartfelt and memorable speech to your daughter and son-in-law. You hold a special place in your daughter’s heart, so it’s an honor to be asked to give a speech on her wedding day, but it can also be overwhelming.

It’s most nerve-wracking in fact, especially when you’re already in the spotlight with your mother of the bride robe and all. Without preparations, it can be difficult to find the right words to express your emotions and convey your love for your daughter. But fear not! We’re here to help with some great tips for crafting the perfect mother-of-the-bride speech.

While fathers may traditionally have all the fun, it’s time for mothers to shine and make their mark. So don’t let the pressure get to you! Whether you’re looking for a sweet and sentimental message, a short and sweet one-liner, or a funny and lighthearted anecdote, we’ve got you covered so you feel confident when the big moment arrives all the while touching your daughter’s heart and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Organize Your Ideas and Record Them

This important event requires some preparation, so it’s not a good idea to improvise. To ensure that you don’t forget any significant details or messages you want to convey to your daughter, it’s best to create an outline or list of bullet points beforehand.

You can begin by jotting down all the things you want to include in your speech, from happy memories to words of wisdom for the newlyweds. Putting your thoughts on paper can help you arrange your thoughts in a structured manner and develop a natural flow for your speech.

Make It Brief Yet Meaningful

Keep it concise and informative, no longer than a few minutes or a minimum of three minutes. Avoid repeating phrases and using too many jokes as fillers, as this can cause the audience to lose interest and become distracted. Instead, focus on constructing a unique and engaging speech that conveys your message effectively.

Be mindful not to overshadow others’ speeches too, as thanking guests is typically the groom’s responsibility. Focus on your daughter and son-in-law, but if both sets of parents have contributed significantly to the wedding, it’s appropriate to express gratitude towards them as well.

Recall Wonderful Memories

When choosing memories to share, opt for happy and positive moments. Avoid recounting any unpleasant or embarrassing stories about your daughter. Instead, highlight her virtues, such as her selflessness or empathetic nature, and give specific examples to illustrate these traits.

You can also reference her childhood and share funny or memorable stories from that time as well as compliment the present, the wedding venue, and its details, such as the decor, floral arrangements, bridesmaid robes, and theme, while also acknowledging how beautiful the bride looks on her special day.

Start with an Introduction

Although some of the guests may already know your relationship with the couple, it’s better that you assume not everyone does. Therefore, it’s crucial to begin your speech by introducing yourself. This will help establish who you are and why you’re giving a speech.

Moreover, if you’re nervous about public speaking, starting with a straightforward statement can help boost your confidence. Delivering a factual and simple introduction about yourself makes you less likely to feel unsure or anxious.

Express Gratitude Towards the Guests

The next step in your speech is to thank the guests for attending the wedding. It’s customary for a great speech to begin with a few words of gratitude towards the audience who have gathered to celebrate with you. You can keep this section brief and straightforward.

If your speech is the first one scheduled, you can incorporate this expression of appreciation into a full greeting to welcome the guests. As the parents of the bride, you may act as the event’s host, making it your responsibility to show appreciation for everyone’s presence.

If the wedding is a destination event, make sure to acknowledge the guests’ extra effort in attending by mentioning the distance they traveled or highlighting the wedding’s location. And if there’s another parental figure in your daughter’s life, you may choose to include them in your thanks too.

Extend a Warm Welcome to Your New Family Member

Apparently, you will need to include a heartfelt welcome to your daughter’s partner. To honor your son-in-law, tell him how happy you are that he became a new addition to your family and that he is sincerely welcome. Acknowledging how he has positively influenced or complemented your daughter can be a thoughtful touch.

After sharing stories about your daughter and her partner, express why their marriage brings you happiness. You can focus on the emotions you see in the couple and why it fills you with joy. Discuss your daughter’s partner’s qualities that make you confident that your daughter is in good hands. Share instances that made you realize he is the perfect match for your daughter.

You can also welcome him to the family again and remind him of your love. This is your chance to extend to the groom your warm welcome and demonstrate to the guests how much he means to you and your daughter.

Remember to Pause

To avoid rushing through your speech out of nervousness, remember to pause and take a breath. Pausing can be powerful, and it’s okay to take a moment to gather yourself if you need to. Taking a deep breath and making eye contact with the bride can help you center yourself before continuing. Most guests will understand that the pause is for them to fully receive the last bit of sentiment you shared.

End with a Most Valuable Advice

Finally, end with a strong and meaningful message for the couple. This can be done by offering some advice or a wish for their future together. You can draw from your own experiences, or offer wisdom passed down from previous generations.

Think about what you want for your daughter and her new spouse, and what words of encouragement they may need as they start their new life together. Whatever you decide to say, make sure it comes from the heart and reflects your genuine love and support for the happy couple.


It’s important to not only write but also practice your speech. Writing is just one part of the challenge, as feeling confident and comfortable delivering the speech is equally important. To prepare for this, it’s recommended to rehearse the speech three to five times before the wedding day.

By doing so, you can work on the delivery and find the right rhythm. It’s also helpful to write the speech well in advance of the wedding, so you have enough time to practice. You can even try reciting it to trusted friends or family members for feedback. Afterward, set it aside for a while before returning to it with a fresh perspective.

Rehearse in front of the mirror. It helps to wear your lace robes during practice too so you can feel more confident about how you look and talk in front of the audience.

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