God can’t be constantly with us However, they send angels to assist others. Today, we will be discussing two courageous individuals who have given their lives to help others. Herbert Herbie and Jason Moszer were two heroes who worked to make a difference for people across their respective countries of the United States.

This article about for Honor Anniversary 2022 will inform you about the event which will take place to celebrate the most famous and brave individuals. We will give you the information of officers who will be acknowledged.

About For Honor Event

For Honor, a celebration will be held to celebrate those who have benefited the nation through their bravery and sacrifices, and are remembered by their family and friends. We will discuss two people who have been recognized on different dates. Herbert Herbie and Jason Moszer are two famous personalities who aren’t with us However, their work is being recognized.

Jason Moszer’s contribution to be recognized in For Honor’s anniversary 2022

Jason Moszer was FPD Officer who was honors on the sixth anniversary of his death. He was an outstanding police officer who laid down his life trying to stop a domestic saga. He was killed during this incident took place. Therefore, the police department will hold an anniversary ceremony to honor the fallen Police officer, on Friday (February 11 2022) at 9 a.m. People were invited to attend the ceremony, which occurred in the park (west) of the police headquarters. The Chaplain Jonas Bundy and Chief David Zibolski were present at the ceremony. They spoke out in support of courageous souls.

Contribution of Herbert Herbie Schilling

Herbert Herbie is honored in the For Honor Anniversary 2022 Why do we give him this honor? He has contributed significantly to improve the quality of life for everyone. Spring Gala 2022 is an important event to celebrate those who have contributed to the society. Herbert Herbie had resurrected many golf tournaments, and also founded an organization that was non-profit. He even purchased two stations on radio. He even sold his Schilling Products to many non-alcoholic brands.

The event will take place on the 26th of March on a Saturday, between 6 and p.m. This is the 25th anniversary celebration, and is scheduled to take place in the 600 E. St. Mary Blvd., UL Lafayette Alumni Center. According to the plans for Honor Anniversary 2022, the event will include an auction silent, food as well as entertainment for the crowd. There are other notable people who will be honored with as part of the event. It is believed that the University of Louisiana is going to dedicate the event to Herbert Herbie.


To conclude this post We gathered details on two brave people who were recognized in this ceremony. There are many more people that are not getting acknowledgement. The article we’ve discussed Jason Moszer and Herbert Herbie who have both contributed to a great extent.