Your desk at work is somehow the reflection of your personality. How you place your stuff often says something about you. There are working areas that are too personalized, and there are some spaces that resemble the owner’s favorite colors.

Your personal preferences matter in setting up your working desk. However, regardless of your choice, your working area should always be neat and organized for your own comfort and productivity. Here are some of the best suggestions that you can follow to manage your working desk effectively.

Utilize Some Drawer Dividers

Use or create some drawer dividers to keep your working stuff properly organized, including your business cards, flash drives, pens, clips, or sticky notes. These small compartments can be placed on your lap desk with storage. This allows you to quickly grab things within your reach.

Build An Organization Area

If you have some space on the top of your working table, make it your organization station where you can hang or store your stuff. You can use this free area to attach some corks and hang your calendar or to-do list to guide you throughout your day. You can also fill it with some jars to store your office stuff.

Create A Floating Shelf

A floating shelf helps in keeping your favorite pictures and trinkets neatly organized in one place. Putting them on a floating shelf declutters your working space and gives you an extra area to place your other essential working stuff.

Make Your DIY Keyboard Tray

Create your DIY keyboard tray below your working desk. This allows you to store your desktop’s keyboard when not in use safely. You can also create a free working space under your table since it is not fully occupied. The key here is to be innovative in keeping your things organized.

Use An Adjustable Floor Lamp

This is especially helpful if you have a limited working station. Instead of a traditional table desk, spruce up your space by placing an adjustable floor lamp at the corner side of your table. You can also match the lamp’s color and style to your working desk for a themed working station.

Put A Pegboard Backdrop

A pegboard backdrop allows you to customize your working station fully. You can use this to hang your office stuff or store some supplies, such as your pens, tapes, sticky notes, or some sewing needles. In return, you can spruce up the entire tablespace.

Use A Two-tray System

Follow a two-tray system to organize your piles of projects. Rather than letting them scattered all over your table, properly place them in two separate trays: one is for your new stack of papers, and one is for those files that are yet to be addressed.

Collect Your Cables

Do not just focus on what’s on your desk. Your table’s underneath area needs proper attention too. If you have some tangled wire below, it can cause distraction or inconvenience. Collect your messy cables and bundle them up to keep your station more neat and clean.

Make Use Of Your Unused Rolling Cart

You can enlarge your working station by using your unused rolling cart to store piles of paper, extra pens, and other office stuff. This cart also creates an on-the-go storage solution since you can place it wherever you prefer. Just make sure that is convenient for you.

Repurpose Your Utensil Organizer

A multi-compartment utensil organizer is an incredibly intelligent option to hold your smaller office stuff from getting messy. You can place it in a drawer so that you can quickly identify the things you use regularly. Try also to be organized in keeping your stuff on this organizer. Do not mix up things.

Add A Pull-out Shelf

Most working stations often have printers, but they can feel extremely obtrusive. The major issue is, if you place it in a cabinet, you’ve got to pull it out to utilize. Fix this problem by adding a pull-out shelf in the lower part of your cabinet. This can also keep your printer safe and protected.


Regardless of your preferences, whether you prefer to have a colorful working station or a more classic style, your stuff should be properly organized. This allows you to have a seamless workflow and makes you more comfortable with your station.

You can follow those top practical suggestions mentioned above to keep your stuff neat and clean. You can also play with your imaginative ideas to create a more brilliant desk storage solution. Regardless of the space or size, you can always make it organized.