Do you have additional doubts when ordering products on the Foogifts website? Do you want to know this detail? Well, you’ve come to the right page as we are going to tell you about Foogifts reviews and its services.

Although people have doubts about the services and products they offer to their customers, we will tell you and clarify your doubts. So let’s find out.

What is Foogifts?

Foogifts is an online store where you can order products such as gadgets and toys, styling accessories and more. The company claims that all products available on this website are sourced from reputable manufacturers.

All gadgets are tested prior to item shipment to ensure the product is in good condition. The Foogifts website makes sure all customers are satisfied with their service and therefore ship their products to countries such as the United States and other countries.

The Foogifts reviews aren’t that promising, but we’ll cover this topic in detail later in this article, so hold on.


• Official address –

• Support e-mail – [email protected]

• Payment method – Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, Diner’s Club and many more

• Return policy – 7 days return guarantee.

• Return process – enter your order number and the reason for returning the product to your customer service email and they will contact you within 24 hours.

• Ship and ship the product to countries such as the United States and around the world.

• As stated in Foogifts reviews, if you cancel the product after 24 hours you will have to say 30% of the product.

• Offers products such as gadgets, healthcare, soft bedding and more.


• Offers gadgets at a reasonable price.

• Delivers the product worldwide.

• You can track your order at any time using your order number


• The reviews of this site are successful.

• There is not much information on Foogift on the Internet.

• The amount of products available on the website for gifts is only a handful and unsatisfactory.

• No product reviews or information on the Foogift website.

Is Foogifts legal or not?

As our team researched this page, we discovered some facts that will clarify your questions about the legality of Foogifts.

• When we check the domain age, we found that this website’s domain age is six months and 25 days.

• The Foogift Confidence Score is around 5%, which is a low score.

• There are no positive reviews for this site on the internet.

• The official website seems suspicious as there are not enough products to buy online.

• This site is not associated with any other promising and trustworthy company.

• All information, such as the terms and conditions page of this website, seems to be copied and pasted.

Reviews of Foogifts and the People’s Verdict

When our team searched the internet for reviews of this product, they found little information available on the internet. A few reviews have been given, but they are also not very promising. People recommend staying away from these kinds of sites because they think Foogifts is a scam site.

Due to the low trust score and lack of domain age, we recommend that you do not use this site for shopping and saving money. All the evidence and facts we have collected show that this site is not trustworthy. With no affiliation with other companies or social media, the links raise suspicions about this site.


All in all, considering all of the above information and notes about Foogifts reviews that we collected in our research, we can say that Foogifts is just a fraudulent site that is used to rob people’s money without any service. All rules are fake and copy and paste for people to trust this site.

It’s hard to believe this site with just six months old domain age and a terrible new trust score. So now it’s up to you whether you want to order products from this website or not.

So, if you or your friend ordered something in Foogifts, please share your thoughts on Is Foogifts Legit or not in the comments section.