These days are considered the age of social media. And here, your content is regarded as your king, and you are known as the queen of that content. Now it’s become straightforward for anyone to get any information he wants. The only problem that content holders face is how they can rank their anchor text on the first page of the ranking sites because there are a lot of pages available on the ranking sites. 

The best thing that you can use to promote your anchor text on web pages is that you should need to use the latest and different types of Cursed Text Generator, which are nowadays available for the content holders. Because appearances matter more than your good content, it’s time for you to move forward from the old fashion fonts like Times New Roman and Arial and accept the latest fonts and styles.

Instagram Fonts

Many business organizations run their organizational work using different media platforms like Instagram. Different kinds of instagram fonts and typefaces are becoming more popular on Instagram; their popularity is that they are using attractive and eye-catching styles. One of the most exciting things about them is that you can easily copy and use these styles for your Instagram pages or other websites or business places.

Cool text fonts:


If someone wants to attract a more optimistic audience for the growth of your business, here the cool fonts text like glow text is the best for you. Because if you use this font, then chances are you will get more audience because it attracts 2000s people. That they really (still) like the whole early 2000s vibe. It provides you with the Envision of the iconic MySpace, MSN messenger, and the Disney network age, which is now more popular. It also allows you to download your desired file in your preferred format, but it depends on whether the user adds any animation. 

Font Meme

It mostly seems that most users remember some particular fonts that are used by popular brands, famous movies, and any TV show. Users can also raise their business by using such fonts and styles. In this way, it becomes the chance that your business will increase in the business world. 

Font Generator

Font generator allows its user to select any font from various fonts and styles from the given category mentioned on the font generator tool. Users can also choose the type of font just as handwriting, elegant, weird, ancient, etc. it also provides the facility of its user to select an option from the list of font color, size, and background color. It also allows its users to download their desired files in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. 

How do you get a fancy text on Instagram?

For Using Instagram’s different fonts, you need to follow some basic steps  

1. Firstly, you need to Go to Instagram Stories.

2. You need to take a photo that you want to share with your friends and family from the stories.

3. After that, you need to select the ‘Aa’ button at the top right corner.

4. You need to type the text you want to write.

5. After doing the thing mentioned above, you need to Swipe left and right to select the font you want to pick for your picture.

6. After that, you need to click on the ‘Done’ when you’re ready to do so.

How do you use old English on Instagram?

Instagram app for Android:

1. Firstly, you need to select your profile picture in the bottommost right and then go to your profile picture.

2. Then go in the top right corner and select Settings from here.

3. From here, you need to select Account and select your desired Language.

4. Then select the specific language that you’d like to use.