Do you want to find out if Folcin’s store is real? We have listed Folcin’s website offerings, as well as its services. Then, after conducting market research, we will inform you whether to place an order on this ecommerce platform or not.

The site also sells quality equipment for home and gardens at an affordable price. The website currently targets international markets like India. Stay tuned for Folcin Reviews if you are interested to learn more about the site’s products.


Folcin sells affordable home and garden products online. Folcin claims to offer reliable customer services, as well as multiple benefits such free shipping, returns, and customer assistance 24*7.

The site’s homepage will offer unique items such as a waterjet gun, automatic garden sprinkler, deluxe storage pouch for tools, and bags for plants. Customers will also find details about each product, including specifications, dimensions, features, and more. But, Is Folcin Legit? Let’s get all the details in this blog.

Terms and Conditions for the Website

  • Official website link-
  • Domain name launch date 15/08/2022
  • Newsletters
  • Physical address- 110 North Bonnie Brae Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA
  • Social media connections – not specified
  • No shipping charges to anywhere in the world
  • Payment methods: Visa and Paypal
  • Refund policy takes time
  • Return and Exchange Policy – Within 30 Business Days
  • Delivery takes 5-8 business day
  • Telephone number +1 (206-536-2473
  • Helpline email address-

Please read the Folcin reviews to learn more about the website’s reliability.

What benefits are there for shopping on the web?

  • The website is dedicated to the sale and service of garden and domestic equipment.
  • All international shoppers, including Indians, are exempt from paying shipping charges.
  • Flexible return and refund policies are available.
  • The site has provided the email address and physical addresses.

What is the downside to shopping online?

  • Ratings are not available. Customer reviews are provided for all products.
  • The website does not have any links to social media portals.
  • The portal does not include the helpline number.

Is Folcin Legit?

This question was asked by many experts and we have provided the appropriate answers. It is also not credible, having received many warnings from experts. Additionally, because the website is brand new, we can’t declare its legitimacy without verifying all the necessary criteria.

This segment also contains all the relevant facts readers need to know before making any decisions. Keep reading.

  • Shopper’s comments- Unfortunately, the site has not received any user comments. There are also no Folcin reviews on the internet.
  • Domain creation date – The domain was created on 15/08/2022. Furthermore, the domain is newer than expected.
  • Validity of the address-The area pincode is invalid.
  • Copied content: We are confident that the site has copied content from its policy or product description page.
  • Trust index score – Beware! The site has earned a poor score (2%) out of 100.
  • Social media icons – The site is currently unavailable on all major social media platforms.
  • Domain expiration dates – Domain terminations are finalized on 15/08/2023.

HTML2_ Folcin Reviews

After much research and development, we found that this portal had not received any information about customer feedback. The site also doesn’t publish customer reviews and there is no feedback link.

Because it is so new, this site does not contain any valid information.

Final verdict

Let’s suppose you are interested to order the equipment and tools from this site. Before making any judgments, please read these Folcin reviews . Since the website is just a few days old, however, we cannot comment on its authenticity. Prospective buyers are advised wait for more truthful information before placing any orders.