Do you like online shopping at affordable prices? You need to investigate the Foggy Love com.

People want to check all the details of the products they want to buy, as in the current scenario, the online shopping websites offer all the details of the products to satisfy their customers.

Here we will tell you about Foggy Love Reviews, which is the top summer online shopping podium in Australia, Canada and the United States. This is a huge collection of summer clothes for girls. You can buy various types of tops and pants for your summer collection wardrobe.

For more details, let’s check its specifications.

What is foggy love?

Foggy Love is an online e-commerce portal for girls. This is a discount on various types of clothes. For your convenience and good appearance, the products are listed below as:

• Tops

• Dresses

•            Boots

• Dna

•            Swimsuits

• Flower dresses

• Accessories and much more

Here you can make online payments in different currencies using different payment methods. Let’s see if it’s true, is Foggy Love Legit or Scam?

Foggy Love specifications

• The URL for the shopping portal is

• Was created on 07/09/2020, ie Seven months and thirteen days.

• The email address for all inquiries is

• Offers a rich collection of summer outfits for girls.

• The office address is PRIMTECH LIMITED 201b.7 Cardinal Point, Park Road, Rickmansworth, WD3 1RE, Hertfordshire, England.

• The shipping address is FLAT / RM A 12 / F KIU FU, 300 LOCKHART Road WAN CHAI HK, Commercial BLDG.

• The site is not available on social networks, which means a lack of publicity.

• Foggy Love reviews are available on the website, but not on any other review site.

• Provides various payment modes such as VISA, Mastercard, JCB, PayPal and many more.

• You can make payments in various currencies such as INR, USD, EURO, CAD, GBP and many more.

• If you go through the subscription you can get 10% OFF.

• You can return your order within 14 days of delivery.

• Some special offers run as if you had an order for Rs. 3697, Rs. 377.24 will be less and so on.

Foggy Love Reviews: What are the Positive Sides of Foggy Love?

• Customer reviews are listed on the website.

• For communication, the e-mail address and office address are provided on the website.

• Offers a huge collection of costumes with a special offer.

• It is a fully secured website thanks to HTTPS protocols and SSL integration.

• Payment modes are listed on the official website.

What are the negative points of foggy love?

• Has a very low trust rank, ie Only 24.4 out of 100.

• There is no popularity, traffic or social media activity.

• Only positive Misty Customer Love Reviews are posted on the website. There are no reviews on other reviewing portals.

• Provided with a fake office address that was not found on the Google map.

• It is new on the market.

• Offers an unbelievable discount.

• The name of the e-mail address is not similar to the domain name.

Is Foggy Love Scam or Not?

Let’s check its authenticity by following the details below:

• It is an online shopping portal for girls with a special offer on the website.

• Domain creation age: created approx. Seven months back.

• Trust Rank: There is no good trust rank.

• Is foggy love right? : As we can see all the details that don’t score well, it looks suspicious.

• Presence on social media: there is no activity on social media.

• Customer feedback: only positive points written by buyers on the website; no results available from other sites.

The mindset of customers

Foggy Love is an internet portal where girls can feel comfortable and look great with floral summer outfits.

As we explore the internet, the only positive reaction from shoppers is the shopping website. There is no customer-written line available on Trustpilot or other platforms. No social networking site is active, so we couldn’t find vague buyer reviews.

Shop wisely and keep your card details safe from fraud.

Final verdict

During the summer season, the website offers a special offer for products for girls. You can take advantage of the discount by using the URL and maintain your wardrobe with summer collections.

All in all, we use these points as if they were new to the market, bad trust ranking, unbelievable special offer, product photos are not unique, inactivity on social media, misleading office address, no shared contact number and buyer haze Love reviews available on Trustpilot.

So this appears to be a dubious website and our suggestion is that before going through the payment modes, check all the information about the website.

Do you have any shopping experience from Foggy Love? Share your opinion and write your doubts in the lines below.