This article contains all information regarding this product Fnaf Hex Plush which will be available on the market.

We all know that everyone is a fan of buying merchandise that is that is related to their favourite shows, films or games. Children especially enjoy seeing cartoon characters in their surroundings. Who doesn’t like soft toys such as toys and teddy bears? If your child or anyone who is a fan of the show Friday Nights At Freddy’s, then we have the perfect item for you! It’s the brand new Fnaf Hex Plush.

You can purchase this plushie within the United States, United Kingdom or in any other country, but you must read our post to find out the details about it before you buy it.

What is Fnaf x Hex?

Friday Nights At Freddy’s, popularly known as Fnaf is an American media brand which Scott Cawthon and 4 others developed as a video game in the year 2014. The game has gained worldwide attention over the last eight years across every gaming platform. It’s a PG-13-rated game that is based around the concept of horror and survival. Hex is, in contrast is a comic that was created by Dawko.

Insight of Fnaf x Hex!

In addition to Fnaf Hex Plush, Dawko creates English gaming-related content and is well-known for his gaming videos, music, and theories about Fnaf. Hex is the first comic created by Dawko is based upon a fantastical and mythical realm that is filled with many adventures. Therefore, the two brands teamed up to develop Fnaf x Hex plushies based on characters from Fnaf, but with a hint of Dawko’s mysterious theme.

Dawko began to tease the dolls via Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms in June. However, he finally announced the arrival of the plushies through his YouTube channel today! He shared with his followers the entire collection of plushies and spoke about how thrilled to be!

Fnaf Hex Plush: Details!

The Fnaf toys have distinctive design and accessories. Dawko would like them to sport a an original vintage look so that they appear like the original characters. The parts of the toys are magnetic and therefore you can pull them apart or mix them up or get them personalized to suit your preferences.

Each plushie comes with very cute props with them. All of them have eyes that are threaded in a shade that looks like their eyeballs. They include Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken along with Foxy the Pirate. They also designed Fred Bear and Spring Bonnie to be part of a future collection.

Reactions of fans:

Fnaf Hex Plush has fans excited because Scott seldom collaborates as well as crossovers Fnaf. The toys aren’t out yet, which means that they aren’t available for review however they have shared their enthusiasm through social networks. They’re amazed at the different and uniqueness of each one is. They did however say they thought the collab with Fnaf was a flop They hope that it doesn’t be as bad as the one that was.

The final verdict

We think these plushies will be an instant hit due to their exclusive, high-quality, customizable as well as accurate. You can play around with their components. We would love to hear your opinions on the Fnaf Hex Plush in the comments!

They will be available shortly, so be sure to stay tuned on the Hex Store for the announcement.