Do you wish the opportunity to go from one place to another, and take the test for covid-19? We all know that traveling during this epidemic is necessary to pass the test covid-19 as per the government guidelines and the self-requirement. It is our intention to pass the test online and book it. In the meantime, are looking for a site to book this?

The right place is to get it done. Individuals living in United Kingdom are now searching for reviews on Flysurance. If you’re interested in knowing everything you can about this site then you must go through our review in depth.

What is Flysurance?

We have discussed that Flysurance can be described as an store to test the covid-19 they established their company as an online website. Their main goal is to test the self-swab kit to provide an accurate test result. Anyone who is located in Spain and other nearby countries are able to take the test. The web page offers two kinds of test tests. PCR test (will need 24 to 36 hours) and tests for lateral flow (will require at least 60 minutes). It took them only a short time to get the results of tests.

While they state that they’re legal and government-approved A question to ask could be: Are they legitimate? Flysurance Legit?

Specification for this website:

  • Domain creation date: 16th June 2021
  • Website Link:
  • Site Type This site offers the covid-19 test.
  • Customer support email ID: [email protected]
  • The presence of social media It’s not there.
  • Phone number There is no mention of a contact number.
  • Contact information: Flysurance LTD, The Dunmow, Ashton Road, Edge Green, Cheshire. WA3 3UU
  • The currency of the products The currency of products is Euro.
  • Policy on Shipping of the Product Yes, they provide shipping.
  • Refund PolicyNo There isn’t a return policy.
  • Payment option Yes, they offer a variety of payment options like Amex, PayPal etc.

Flysurance Reviewis not content until they have described its pros and pros and.


  • The sample is being collected at their homes. So, anyone can steer clear of the crowd.
  • On their site the prices are right.
  • Chat is available 7 days a week, between 9 am and 10 pm.
  • They receive a certification of fit to fly after 60 minutes.


  • On this site there aren’t any reviews or rating tools.
  • There aren’t any contact numbers for emergencies.
  • There is no return under any circumstance.
  • There isn’t an office in every region.
  • The trust score for websites is not good. It’s only 8%..

Flysurance Legit?

Below are some of their main points to discover the authenticity of the website, learn:

  • The website’s age is16th July 2021. just six months old. It also has a very short duration of domain.
  • The Trust Score for the the Website:The website’s trust score is 8.8%, which indicates an unsatisfactory score.
  • Social Media Connection There is no social media connections.
  • Email ID legitimate:Email id found, anyone who wants to conduct a covid tests, they can reach out to this site quickly
  • The reviews from customers:We do not find any Flysurance reviewson this website We also could have no reviews regarding whether the test they conducted is genuine or not. It is doubtful for someone who is new.
  • Originality of Content:Yes, their contents are original and distinct from other websites.
  • The owner’s identity is:There are no owner identity details on the site.
  • Contact address legitimacy:Yes, we found an address for the head office.
  • The Return and Exchange policies The return and exchange policies are not in place. don’t have a return policy or an exchange policy.
  • The policy on refunds is:There isno refund policy discovered.

Flysurance Reviews:

The website is only six months of existence. On the official website page there aren’t any reviews or rankings to be found. We tried to look up some reviews from other trustworthy websites However, we discovered a lot of negative reviews and negative comments that suggest are not legitimate.

We can’t see any social media connections such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as different social networks. As a result, we believe this is a fraudulent website.

Final Thoughts:

After looking over the Flysurance Review ,we think that this is a fraud website. There are no authentic reviews on the site. There are many negatives about this site.

We have not found an emergency number available. Also, we found an important detail:

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