Summers in North India mean, the scorching heat of the sun, the temperature rising to around 45 degree celsius and of course the hot and dry winds that blow in this season can also not be ignored.

With so much heat around us, we look for a little greenery and colourful blooms around us that can lighten up our mood and calm our senses all the time which is why it is important to have a garden in your home, be it on the balcony or at the back of your house.

But there are only a few flowers that can survive the high temperatures of the summer of North India and if you are planning to fill your summer garden with beautiful blooms, it is important for you to know almost everything about the flowers that you consider growing including their favourable temperature, their water requirements and much more.

However, we have made this task easier for you and already curated a list of flowers that are sturdy enough to thrive the summer season. Take a read and make your pick!

Cosmos: Known as summer annual flowers, cosmos are hardy plants that can withstand the toughest of summers. The orange and yellow varieties of these flowers are the sturdiest and can withstand the heart of a full afternoon sun whereas the white and pink flowers may struggle a little when the temperatures go above 40 degrees. These flowers must be kept at a place that gets the afternoon shade and ensure that you water them enough to bear the heat.


Vinca: Growing wild in many parts of the country, the purple and white coloured vinca flowers can thrive even in negligence. The flowers require very less care and can withstand the low water conditions even in the worst of circumstances. However, the shades like pink and red flowers can be a little fussy and are more prone to disease especially in damp conditions. Keep the flowers a little dry and in well-ventilated areas for maximum flowering.

Gomphrena: These flowers have a spherical shape and are most commonly available in purple and red colours. These flowers not only add a vibrant corner to your garden but are easy to care for and can withstand the scorching heat of the sun. These flowers can be grown in containers or on the landscape for a wild look.

Gaillardia: These bright and colorful orange and red and also dual-coloured are made for the extreme heat of the summers of North India. These hardy bloomers bloom profusely from the months of April and November and therefore are one of the best flowers to grow during the summer season in North India.

Zinnia: Every Indian garden is incomplete without Zinnias. These blooms are available in a multitude of varieties and colors and also the yellow and orange hues tend to dominate in the summer season. For the best growth of these flowers , make sure to pinch the growing tops to encourage the side shoots for a bushier plant.

Portulaca: If you have a limited floor space, these flowers are one of the best options for your garden in summers. They stay open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and can grow in poor soil conditions and look best in hanging baskets. These flowers require very little water to thrive and therefore the best choice for the summer season.

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Sunflower: From small-sized flowers to giant varieties, sunflowers are one of the most known flowers for the Indian summer. You can choose smaller varieties of these flowers and plant them in a pot for your balcony.

Morning Glory: A great addition to your summer garden, the morning glories are creepers that grow tall and require a large enough container. These flowers require complete sunlight and attract a lot of butterflies.

Well, you can also make a floral bouquet out of these flowers and surprise your near and dear ones with flowers from your summer garden.


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