Have you been vaccinated with COVID-19? Covid is growing rapidly around the world and people sign up for vaccination according to the phased system. The pandemic continues and people have to take preventive measures to spread it.

Canada-based Flow Academy, which is a martial arts academy, is no longer accepting new membership applications.

That’s why people are looking for Flow Academy Kelowna rules and patterns for new enrollment.

Let’s read on.

What is the news about Flow Academy?

In the prevailing situation, Flow Martial Arts Academy has suspended new membership for people vaccinated with Covid-19.

This decision was made after consulting with various wellness, health and fitness centers across Canada. Many insurance companies are also involved in the decision-making process.

Why did the academy take this step?

The reason for taking action by the administration of the facility is the fact that they are not aware of the health effects of vaccinations. That’s why Flow Academy Kelowna has suspended new memberships.

Many people have been reported with various viruses that can lead to death in serious cases.

They are not responsible for the circumstances in which vaccinated persons join membership and encounter such problems.

What is their operating procedure?

The club is a private club and is not open to the public.

The facility’s door will remain closed once the software session starts to avoid any kind of disruption.

Only members of pre-arranged persons may enter Flow Academy Kelowna.

As a precautionary measure for safety and health, the wearing of a mask is prohibited on the premises.

There is a possibility of washing hands and toilets.

Members are fully responsible for their health.

There is a trial membership that can be used. Before that, however, they must understand and agree to the instructions, the procedure fully, and then they must go to the survey and then get approval for a trial membership.

What are health professionals saying about Flow Academy Kelowna?

Under the COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines, public health is a priority, and any business that includes the public must follow public health laws and guidelines.

The club still needs COVID-19 security measures to prevent transmission of the virus between people and staff.


In February 2021, the club received a warning that it was not following COVID-19 guidelines. IH mentioned that they will investigate the scene further and if they still do not follow the precautionary recommendations, action will be taken.

Flow Academy Kelowna has now discontinued new memberships, but they have to follow the guidelines. What is your opinion on such a rapid spread and health problems? Please mention this in the comment box below.