The Floor Lamps plays the role of that 24 hours concierge in your home who is always ready to serve you. It not only enhances the beauty of your home but also illuminate the dark corners of your home too. They offer an amazing variety of style and they are versatile. Lamps are not merely functional objects; they also influence the mood of the room as a whole. So, it is very important to purchase a perfect lamp that matches your home in all aspects. Here are few tips given which will help you to select the best floor lamp

Different Styles of Floor Lamps

Different types of floor lamps in terms of style and designs are available in the market. Let’s have a look on some popular floor lamps.

Traditional Lamp: A traditional floor lamp has a base, a pole and a shade. It is a basic lamp but you can elaborate it as you want with the many variation of each element. Traditional lamps provide ambient lighting and works with most decors except modern styles.

Arc Lamp: Arc floor lamp is trendy and recognized by its curved design. It is best suited with a contemporary setting, but it provides glamour to any décor. It is best for both task lighting and ambient lighting because you can adjust its arc according to your requirement. 

Reading Lamp: It is a perfect solution for task lighting such as reading, writing, or illuminating the game table. You can easily tilt the shade and adjust its arm to focus its light where you want it. You can even choose Desk Lamps also to solve your purpose. 

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Tripod Lamp:  Tripod lamp provides ambient lighting. It is composed of three columns that work together to hold the lamp shade and bulb upright. It looks best with drum lamp shade. 

Uplight and Torchiere Lamp: It directs light upwards towards the ceiling and the light reflects downwards, ambient light softly illuminates the whole area. Torchiere lamp can be used as accent lighting to focus an element like any sculpture, artwork or any object of interest. 

Chandelier Lamp: It provides ambient lighting. It has a base and pole like traditional lamp but have a chandelier instead of lamp shade. Crystals or pearls dangling from its arm make it highly decorative. 


  • Make a Statement: Lamps are not just a functional object. Today lamps are considered as a jewel to décor your house. Match your lamp with the color of your walls or select a pleasing contrast.
  • Decide the purpose: It is one of the most important factors to be considered while selecting a floor lamp. You must be clear about for what type of lighting you are purchasing a lamp. We have already discussed above about different types of lighting. That will help you to decide the purpose.
  • Height of the lamp: An average lamp is around 5-6 feet tall and some lamps are 7-8 feet high. 5-6 feet lamp can be purchased for any type of houses but 7-8 feet high lamps should only be used with large rooms with high ceilings. 
  • Calculate the space you have for the lamp: Traditional and torchiere lamps needs less space and fits easily in small homes also. Arc, tripod, chandelier lamps take up more space due to the horizontal extension.
  • Cost: The cost of floor lamps may vary according to their functional models and artistic designs but all do the same work. So don’t let your pocket burn because of your purchase and select a good one according to your budget. 
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