Floors require special attention while cleaning since they tolerate all the foot traffic. But if you have various types of floors in your house, you have to be even more careful while cleaning because different flooring needs different kinds of cleaning methods. 

Here we’ll see how you can clean different types of floors. So, let’s begin. 

Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are very common and popular among people. But not cleaning them might stain them for good, or the color will change. Before cleaning, you’ll have to swipe the tiles for dust. 

You can effectively clean your ceramic tile surfaces with vinegar and hot water. Use an equal amount of vinegar and hot water to make your cleaning mixture. Then wash your tiled floors using a wiper. Wipe multiple times on hard stains. You can also use a toothbrush to remove any stubborn stain. 


Hardwood is a versatile and classic floor type that is widely popular for its rusting and modern look. But you have to maintain them to hold the crispness properly. Before using any cleaning solution, make sure it is compatible with your wooden surface. 

Try to avoid any water-based cleaners as they can seriously affect the durability and longevity of your wooden floor. Only use products that are specially made for cleaning hardwood surfaces. 

A vacuum cleaner can be a better option for removing dirt from your floor. Always try to fix any minor issues immediately. Additionally, book Cleanzen now to do the job by a pro cleaner.

Carpet Floors 

Probably carpet is not a legit floor type. Since they cover a lot of surfaces in our home, we will count them as one. Carpets give an elegant look on our floor. But you must take special care as they are highly absorbent. A vacuum cleaner is again a go-to option for you. 

You have to use a natural stain remover to clean any stains and dirt. Using a disinfectant can be a good option as carpets hold various germs. Steam wash is another good option for cleaning rugs and carpets. 

However, you can use hot water and baking soda to clean the carpet surfaces. There are some specific carpet cleaners available in the market.  

Marble Floorings 

Marble is an expensive stone with reflection ability. They look gorgeous, especially when you keep them spotless. But cleaning them can be a little challenging if you do not know how. Marble floors are very prone to scratches. So, you’ll have to clean them carefully. 

Do not use vinegar as it is an acidic formula that can scratch the marbles and take away their shines. Always use a chemical-free natural cleaner with a soft microfiber cloth to mop your marble floor. Dry the floor well after cleaning. 

Granite Flooring 

Granite is another shiny stone people use for flooring. It gives a minimalistic look to your house. Clean your granite floor with a vacuum cleaner. Always try to avoid bleach and vinegar as they remove shine from them. Try to use a soft and natural cleanser to clean your granite floor.