Flex Screen Reviews: Everyone hates the window screen as it blocks a lot of beautiful and mesmerizing views. Nor can we remove or install the screen the way we want. That’s why we come up with such a flexible screen and make it easy for people to get past fixed windows.

The product is gaining too much popularity in US regions and now people want to know more about it. So let’s go into the product details and find out if Flex Screen is legal.

What is a Flex screen?

Simply put, it is an innovative window screen that is too easy to install and anyone can easily fit it into the window frame. This screen maker is Joe Altieri and he invented this invention while working in the garage.

It is the first flexible screen in a window that can be bent, both inward and outward. The screen has existed for the last twenty years when the screen was invented and then Joe started the company. The first client for this screen is Wallside Windows.

Let us know more by reading the Flex screen reviews.

Flex screen specifications

• The screen belongs to the Flexscreen company.

• The screen is available in all sizes.

• The size of the full screen is 55 ″ wide by 80 high.

• The price of a standard mesh screen is $ 59.95 for each standard. (Depending on screen type)

• Free shipping is available if you order five or more screens.

• Different mesh options are available such as Flexview, Flexview clean, Flexview solar, standard and Flexview.

• If your order includes 6+ screens, you can take advantage of a 10% discount.

• The measurement guide is available when ordering.

Advantages of using Flex Screen

• The screen is good for troubleshooting traditional screens considering Flex screen reviews.

• Flexible enough to be removed and installed at any time.

• The price is quite reasonable.

• The screen is invisible and the installation process is very fast.

• It is easy to clean and store.

• Relevant measurement guide is available after ordering.

• Comes in all sizes with a wide range of options.

Disadvantages of using the Flex Screen

• There are problems with customer service.

• Negative customer reviews.

• Several measurement problems.

Is the Flex screen legal?

By examining the details of the product, it turns out that the product has existed for such a long time and is too easy to assemble and disassemble. In addition, it helps people to repair and remove screens as per your needs, and now there is no problem with permanent screens. US users are satisfied with the purchase of flexible screens and want to buy them again and again as it gives them more freedom.

However, there are some customer support issues when few customers say they didn’t receive their order. There are also some complaints about screen measurement and no refund or repair is available. Some improvements can be made so that customers can take full advantage of all services.

So, without a doubt, the product is legal.

What Customer Flex Screen Reviews Are There?

We can find many positive reviews about the product on the official Facebook page, where they wrote how satisfied the experience is. The screens are wonderful and can be easily installed or removed whenever the need arises. Moreover, the installation processes of these screens are too simple and anyone can easily do it without the need of professionals.

However, measurement and refund issues arise and people have complaints to the company’s customer service. But the company answered almost all people’s questions on its Facebook page.


After looking at all the details of the flexible screen in these Flex screen reviews, we found that many companies have been using this screen for a long time and it is too flexible to use. The screen is easy to use, you can install and remove it as you like.

On the other hand, it has a lot of complaints about measurements, returns and the necessary fixation. Therefore, when buying, customers need to be aware and make a purchase decision.

The product is legal and it is recommended that you only buy the product from the official website.

What do you think of the screen after reading the review? Share your experience in the comments section below. We will be happy to help you.