Can you guess which type of game this is? I am curious about the new game. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Flagle.

Flagle: Have you heard about it? Flagle: What’s it all about? What is Flagle and what type of game does it play? Many are looking for a new game Worldwide. Enjoy the many Wordle games.

Flagle The new release of the guessing-game is Flagle Wordle . Flagle is the same type of Wordle game but has different guessing. Are you curious to learn more about the different types of guessing that Flagle uses?

Learn more about Flagle, the brand new guessing game, in the sections below.

What Is Flagle?

Flagle is a guessing game about flags. It is based in Wordle. Flage’s primary goal is to guess either the territory’s or country name. It’s a fun game. You can attempt to guess the country name within a few attempts. The flags are displayed in the Flagle Game. The flag portion shows the same color.

To make it easier for you to guess the right color, the color palette will display the default color. Flagle guessing is easy and well designed. Visit the official website for the new flag guessing game. After the game loads it displays with blank boxes in its grid.

There are six blank boxes. A search box with a listing of countries will appear. You can choose the country from this list to guess the flag.

Flagle What to do?

The Fragle is the same as the Wordle guessing contest. Follow these steps to play the game.

Step 1 – Try to identify the flag in six attempts.

Step 2 – Click on the color button or a flag to display.

Step 3 – Select the filter color. This indicates that the Flagle contains the specified color or not.

For example, if you choose an Orange color but the Flagle doesn’t have that same color in it, the Flagle is taken out of the display.

The Flagle Wordle displays all flags that contain green if it has a green flag.

Step 4 – Select the correct flag to declare your victory

Step 5 – If the Flagle is not filtered, it will not be shown in the list.

Find out more about Flagle

Flagle can be played online daily or offline. The game was created in Python scripting. The number of attempts will be based on your guess.


The accuracy of the player’s guesses determines how much achievement is awarded. Also, online players can rank your statistics Flagle Wordle and score them. The flagle is an free, open-source game.

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