You may be new to Fantasy Cricket and wondering how these apps work. We will explain the basics of Fantasy Cricket and offer some tips and tricks to help you beat your opponents in your contest.

To play Fantasy Cricket , you only need to do four things.

  • Best fantasy cricket app
  • Select a match to be played and form a team with 11 of the best players from each team.
  • Deposit money to join contests with your team
  • Track your contest leaderboard after the match begins to see if your team is victorious

Use the app that allows for team modification after you have submitted

Most Fantasy Cricket apps, such as Dream11 or MyTeam11, close contest entries one hour before the match starts. You cannot predict the playing XI for both teams. You will be able to predict the best players more accurately because the toss takes place only 30 minutes before the match starts. You can modify your team using apps such as DugOut or fsl11 until the match begins. You will also know who is going to bat first after the toss. This will allow you to predict the opening and closing players, and help you choose the best combination.

Join small, but verified contests

Joining a contest with over 10,000 participants will lower your chances of reaching rank 1 and winning a huge amount. Joining small contests with 10 to 20 members will give you more chance of winning money and making a lot of money. It’s easier to beat 9 members than it is to beat 9,999 members. Make sure the contest is confirmed. The contest will continue even if it isn’t filled.

Understand the points system

When playing in a fantasy cricket every application has its own set up of points. Some of them give maximum points on bowling, maiden over or wickets while some applications give more weightage to batter like hundreds, fifties, runs etc. While some of the apps give a balanced points view. 

Choose your star players wisely

Many apps allow you to mark two players as Vice Captain and Captain. A normal player scoring 10 points will be marked as captain. The same player who is marked as vice-capitol will receive 2x, or 20 points. Vice captain gets 1.5x, so 15 points. You need to think hard before you mark a player as captain/vice captain. Take a look at these players’ recent performances and make a decision. Duggout allows you to select three star players: Gold (1.25x), Silver (1.5x) and Platinum (2x).

Refer and Earn

Every app has a referral program. Some apps offer flat referral bonuses of 100 for you and your friend, when they/she sign up for the app. Your blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook profile or Instagram account can share your referral link. You will receive free money as soon as your friends sign up for the app and begin playing. This is the best way for you to make money by playing.