Who nowadays doesn’t have a Facebook account? There are a lot of people who use Facebook. After its success with regular people, this fantastic social media network has caught the eye of corporations eager to market their wares. To have as much impact as Facebook has had, no one saw coming. Its original purpose, to let you keep in contact with friends living in different parts of the world, has given way to a broader mission. It’s one of the best ways to get your brand out there and develop your company rapidly if you utilize it correctly. Through the years, small companies have battled for recognition and success. Except for Facebook, of course, which has been really useful. You can’t afford to ignore this opportunity if you own a company.

Facebook is the social media platform that has the greatest user base and the most overall activity. Are you making the most of all the opportunities it presents for your business?

1. Facebook Boosts Your Online Brand

More and more people are purchasing on their phones and on social media sites, so having a strong online presence is crucial. Facebook may be your best bet for reaching customers locally and globally. There is no other social media platform that can provide your company with as much potential exposure as Facebook’s more than 3 billion monthly members. Facebook, the most popular social networking site overall and the pioneer in this space, has the most robust set of integration options, such as “like” and “follow” buttons, as well as account logins and picture sharing. Through the use of such instruments, clients may be directed back to your company’s website or other featured online material. If your followers see that you are active and responsive on Facebook, they will be far more eager to do business with you than with a firm that either does not have a presence on Facebook or has a page that is poorly managed.

2. Use Audience Insights to Find Out More About Your Page Likes

Utilize Facebook’s audience insights to have a better understanding of the people who are following you on that platform. Through the use of the Facebook Ad Manager, you will have access to this absolutely free tool. Age, gender, and a variety of lifestyles are included as metrics. These lifestyles include urban tenants, clever singles, kids and clout, country singles, apple pie families, married sophisticated individuals, and entrenched elites, among others. In addition, Audience Insights provides you with a concise summary of the various relationship statuses in the form of a percentage, in addition to providing information on educational levels and work titles.

3. Facebook Can Locate Excellent Job Prospects

Facebook allows you to communicate with all of your brand’s followers immediately. This kind of exposure may help you recruit top talent. You can let individuals who might be interested in working for your firm know about job openings right away if you announce them on your Facebook business page. Even if they aren’t actively seeking employment, they may still utilize the “like” and “share” functions to alert other suitable prospects who might be interested. 

Checking in on your Facebook page on a regular basis might also help you take a more targeted and proactive approach to finding new employees. Find out who is actively supporting your brand by looking at their interactions with it. Is your product or service featured in any of their posts? Just by taking the time to do some research and reaching out, you may turn a rabid customer into one of your most valuable resources.

4. Best Customer Service Channel

The use of Facebook to communicate with a company’s customer care department is rapidly becoming one of the most common practices. In this context, prospective customers may ask questions about price, shipping, and other topics in a setting that is less professional than the privacy of their email inbox. Without having to go through the bother of implementing a live chat on the website, customer care employees are able to quickly and in real-time answer the often more direct questions that are asked.

5. Sharing Photographs and Videos from Your Company

Images and videos related to your company may be uploaded to Facebook along with your status updates. Customers and prospects may get a feel for what you have to offer without making a special trip to your site, making this a potentially fruitful channel of communication. Facebook now provides the option to “tag” images with the names of friends who may be in them. You may use this to advertise your business. A tour company, for instance, may share a group picture from a day of whitewater rafting on their website and ask customers to tag themselves if they happen to be in the shot. Facebook will automatically post each tagged photo as a status update, making it accessible to the user’s friends. This will increase awareness for both the brand and the picture. Use caution if you decide to use tagging. Some Facebook users worry about their privacy if they are easily identifiable in images. As a consequence, it is best to have them tag themselves rather than have someone else do it.

In a Nutshell

It’s possible that other social networks serve a different function. For instance, companies are permitted to publish news or brief written blurbs on Twitter, with a character limit of up to 240. Nevertheless, Facebook has built the most comprehensive collection of features geared toward business and networking. Because of its feature set, companies are presented to a large community of customers, and brands are given the opportunity to communicate with customers in unusual ways. After you’ve established a Facebook business page for your company, you’re ready to begin promoting that page to the people who are most likely to become your customers. Contact Benlola immediately if you need help boosting your internet visibility through Facebook ads.