There are a lot of things to be considered during a construction project. One of the essential ones is checking and excavating the land to ensure safety and ground strength to complete the project without any difficulty. Installation of utility lines and pipes requires exceptional precision. For that very reason, hydro excavation is used for digging and land preparation. An unstable or humid land is not suitable for building erection, and it is important to get rid of it through hydrovacing. The precise and non-mechanical method is safe for the surrounding land, underground utilities, labours, and environment.

How Does Hydrovacing Work?

The process involves a high-pressure water hose used to remove the old soil or the layer of the soil that could be considered dead for a while. Relatively, the exertive pressure clears the topsoil and leaves behind a slurry mixture, which is equally detrimental and non-useful for the construction project. Next, the hydrovac truck has a built-in vacuum system that simultaneously removes the left behind mixture. With the help of hydro excavation, a bore or trench is built, and the installation is made more accessible. Through this article, you’ll learn why choosing hydrovac as an excavation method is helpful.

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3.Avoids mishaps

The traditional method of excavating through manual labour and sharp tools is prone to causing issues due to inaccurate measurements. When using a conventional method, it is considered one of the biggest threats to accidentally hit a pipeline or other utility lines along the way, creating an even bigger mess than expected. With hydro excavation, the threat is minimized since it just uses high water pressure to clear out the soil in a soluble way. Hydrovacing is much more precise and allows crews to avoid underground utility lines easily. Furthermore, because the system does not use sharp diggers or heavy machinery, there is no risk of damages to the surrounding land or labour involved during the process.

4.Quick cleanup process

The traditional excavation methods were super time-consuming, plus it would leave behind a massive pile of dirt, usually disrupting traffic or project completion. Now, hydrovacing involves using water pressure to turn the soil into a mixture. With the help of a hydrovac truck, removing slurry and cleaning up the left-behind mess is more manageable. The slurry is pulled straight into a storage tank by a high-volume vacuum, which not only accelerates the cleaning process but also minimizes disruption to nearby areas with large piles of slurry. You must visit our site to know more about the contaminated soil remediation

5.Increased accuracy

Long before hydrovacing was introduced, the old method of clearing out soil involved using sharp tools or backhoes to dig. However, the chances of accuracy were pretty low, and the precision was not a common advantage. With just a pressurized water outlet, the soil is removed accessibly, without sending workers into small spaces. Hydro excavation opens the door to a plethora of new excavating applications, particularly in challenging excavation sites.

6.It is eco-friendly

Hydro excavation is much less intrusive and highly precise, so it is less harmful to the environment. Rather than endangering the land and ecosystems surrounding the project, the process involves targeting specific areas and making space for the utility lines without creating havoc in the surrounding areas. Since the technique doesn’t involve using harmful chemicals or any explosives, which could’ve been considered a threat and danger to the ground and animals in the closeby areas, it is one of the easiest and safest methods to rely upon. The specific piece of land is targeted by using a hydrovac truck, making it easier to restore fewer areas, leading to smooth project completion.

7.It is an efficient method

Digging trenches by hand or with conventional machinery can take a long time. The traditional excavation methods are very time-consuming because digging the soil for excavation, removing the waste, and repairing are done periodically. Hydrovacing involves using a quick and efficient method. The slurry is vacuumed and stored in thetruck-mounted container, and the ground is cleared simultaneously. This reduces the hassle and allows efficient project completion. Only two crew members are required to handle a vac truck, and everything can be done in a highly precise manner.


Hydrovacing is equally important as any other aspect of a construction project. The time for using conventional excavation methods is long gone. You don’t need to wait for periodic steps to complete your excavation job when you have a hydrovac truck to handle things efficiently.