Walking down the road, feeling like a star, could be the best feeling ever! But that doesn’t come easy. After all, stars would take professional artists and a lot of time and money to pull off a killer look. Mimicking that minimal makeup can turn messy sometimes or late to work! Since eye makeup is the most significant, a trend of lash extensions began quite a few years back and is still busily in vogue. They reduce costs, and the clumsiness of using mascara and good lash supplies has become every woman’s makeup essential today!

As years passed, evolutions brought multiple options from silk to mink fur lashes. People who lacked a goofy volume of natural lashes went for lash extension with no doubt! All one has to do is solely glue them to the natural lashes, and, voila, it will last for few weeks with appropriate maintenance. Despite fake eyelashes available, lash extensions are preferable because they give a better dramatic yet natural eye look! When at the right professional’s hands, lashes would be the safest semi-permanent makeup option in town!

Be it a professional stylist or a pro who can attach their lashes at home, a good pack of quality lash supplies would be the first thing to buy today! Here is a list of outweighing pros of lash extensions,

1.Best buy for regular makeup users

Remember the last time the eye makeup turned clumsy by the end of the day, all smudged with an eye scratch? On questioning women who regularly go with makeup, one can get plenty of nods to it. When many switched from mascaras to gluey fake lashes, it was even more intense, with the lashes falling off anytime! On the note of saving time and getting those flawless eyes done, individual lash extensions could be the best deal to get. Spend some hours at the salon to get them done and, boom, wake up with fluffier eyelashes every morning for the entire month!

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2.For every eye!

Unlike mascara that has been a boring option for years and only adds volume to natural lashes, lashes extensions are customisable and just perfect for everyone’s eyes! Be it the signature darling lashes or perfectly twitched cat lashes, there are always several options to match every woman’s desires! On the note of any significant events, consult the stylist on the different styles they offer and think about trying some dramatic curls for the night’s party! Or, for a regular lash, consider factors like the eye shape and the volume required to get the best shot!

3. Non-invasive and lasts longer!

A lash extension session may be time-consuming, but trust it, they aren’t painful! When done appropriately, they are completely safe and don’t cause much irritation to the eyes. A good pair of voluminous and radiant lash extensions can last even up to a month. On the flip side, for the long run, lash filling at regular intervals is all it takes!

4.Instant results?

One reason why lashes are still in vogue is that one doesn’t have to wait to get those fleece lashes, unlike other cosmetic procedures or medications! It’s all done with a single session and then walking out of the salon with flawless lashes.

5.They’re water-resistant

Waterproof mascaras are good! But what about lash extensions with which one can swim, shower or go on a sweaty workout session? Yes. Lash extensions initially require two days of dryness after application, and then water does nothing to them!

Getting lash extensions done could be all the makeup one may require for a day out! They can also minimize eye and other makeup because they are utterly gorgeous themselves!

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