Summer’s the perfect time for outdoor activities. Research shows that getting outside and doing something active can boost your mood and help you bond with others. Plus, outdoor activities are great for relieving stress and curbing depression. Everyone’s happier in the summer, right? 

Fortunately, there’s a huge range of fun outdoor activities that you can try out with family and friends these warmer months. So, if you’re antsy or unsure about how to kickstart your summer of fun, here’s a list of five unique, lively, and enjoyable things to do… 

1. Experience the Fun at an Adventure Park 

Have you ever gone on a real adventure? Experiencing an adventure park might just be what you need. And it isn’t a traditional park with swings and slides – it’s more challenging, interesting, and as the name denotes, ‘adventurous’. Have you ever watched the blockbuster movie, Jumanji? If so, you can have your own taste of it at an adventure park

2. Adventure Biking 

Biking can be an exhilarating experience. Everyone including kids can take part in this activity, all thanks to the variety of sizes that bikes and scooters come in. There’s nothing more pleasing than gathering the whole family together to head out on a biking adventure. Choose a destination, pack a nice picnic, and zoom off. Just make sure everyone has the right protective accessories and guidance – that way you’re guaranteed to have a fun time without any tears. 

3. Go Fishing

That feeling of success after fishing can be mind-blowing – plus you’ll have something tasty to bring home for dinner.  Or if real fishing’s not your thing, try out magnetic fishing – it’s a way of relaxing in the summertime around a lake, except it doesn’t involve any real fish. Plus, you might strike lucky and come home with gold!

4. Ascend the Sky on a Hot Air Balloon

Always wanted to venture into space? This might be the closest thing to your dream. You’ll float up high and enjoy glorious scenic views of your surroundings. The feeling you get as you ascend and descend can be life-changing. And don’t worry if you’re a scared newbie afraid of heights…the balloon’s operators will help you stay calm and focus on taking in the views. 

5. Go Play at the Beach

Not only is the beach a haven, but it also provides a plethora of fun activities to enjoy. Games include things like beach volleyball, water bucket relay, sand castle building, water gun fights, sunbathing, swimming, or simply tucking into a delicious beach picnic. The list goes on! Just make sure you pick a sunny day and pack some sunscreen to keep the family safe in the UV rays.

Summer is officially here…and there’s no better time to make the most of these amazing activities and more. Pick the activity that excites you most and get your loved ones on board – because summer isn’t for sitting inside alone and bored – it’s about getting outside in the warm weather instead.