Estate planning in Whatcom County WA is the plan of undertakings to protect the client’s financial resources in the event they die or are incapacitated. The planning includes the transfer of estates and assets to the heirs as well as the settlement of taxes on bequests. The majority of estate plans are put by enlisting the help of an experienced Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Mississauga

 dealing with the law of estates.

An effective estate plan is composed of five main components including trust, will, Power of Attorney, Health Care or Medical Directive as well as Beneficiary Designation. In this post, I’m going to talk about the five main elements of the estate plan…


The will can be described as a legally restricting document that specifies the person who will take your assets and property upon your death. It names an executor as the person you require to give these directions. They will also name a guardian, or multiple guardians, who will look after minor children or other dependents if you die or become incapacitated.

A will allows you to have control over your family legacy. It is easy to draft and it is possible to alter throughout your life. Learn about the specific laws regarding wills in your state.


A trust is a legal arrangement in which trustees hold legal title to the property for the benefit of the recipient or recipients. The person who creates the trust has the power to decide who and when beneficiaries will receive the trust’s assets.

There are many types of trusts, but the two most important kinds are:

Revocable Trust, which permits you to have control over all trust assets and the option to alter or cancel the trust’s terms at any time.

An irrevocable trust in which the assets it holds are not yours anymore, and typically, you aren’t able to alter the trust without the consent of the beneficiary; the advantage of irrevocable trusts is that the appreciated assets within the trust don’t depend on the taxation of estates.

The main thing to keep in mind when deciding whether to put your assets in the trust is that assets held by trusts remain out of probate assets not claimed by the trust are disposed of to the probate.

Power Of Attorney

An attorney is the one you choose to be your representative and manage your affairs if you fall ill or become incapacitated. The person you designate as your power of attorney, called your representative, can take financial choices on your behalf. The Power of Attorney may be general, granting the designated representative the power to conduct any Mississauga Business Lawyer, or explicitly restricting the authority of your representative to make specific transactions.

The process of granting powers of attorney can be especially crucial if you’re a single person as this role would usually be assigned to your spouse. If you do not have authority, a judge will decide who will serve on your behalf as guardian.

Medical Directive Or Health Care Directive

A health care directive works similarly to a power of attorney in that it appoints someone the authority to make health care options for you, assuming that you’re not able to make such decisions yourself. Two primary documents make up a health directive:

A living will is a written statement that provides directions for your medical care if you fall seriously sick.

A healthcare proxy is a person who will make medical decisions for you if you fall ill.

Generally speaking, family members and relatives members can’t agree on the actions that should be taken to care for you. It’s a good idea for you to create a medical directive to make sure that your wishes are honored.

Beneficiary Designations

When you draft your estate plan, you must be sure your retirement plan beneficiary designations are current to the current date. Beneficiary designations determine the beneficiaries who will receive benefits upon you die. They replace the provisions written in your will which makes it crucial to review your beneficiary designations regularly (in the form of a measure each year).

The inclusion of these five components in your estate plan is just the first step in ensuring that all of your desires will be fulfilled when the time arrives. This is why it’s crucial to create an annual maintenance schedule and review each document regularly together with the estate planner in Oklahoma City to guarantee everything is up-to-date.