Digital trends are the primary changes in the evolution of the marketing techniques, consumer segment, and underlying technologies. These changes in the digital marketing landscape can impact the interaction between the company and its customer. 

Several companies are vastly using various marketing channels to increase their brand awareness. In the digital era, marketing strategies involve using electronic media as a priority to scale businesses. Different marketing agency hop on to multiple digital platforms to reach their target audience.

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Some of the well-known marketing tools are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), online video content sharing, pay-per-click advertisement, and blog/content writing. In the following article, we will look at the five digital marketing trends for 2021.

Five digital marketing trends

  1. Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are short texts that appear at the top of Google’s search results in order to quickly answer a researcher’s query. Moreover, the content results are automatically pulled from web pages in Google’s index. It also displays elongated answers to answer the user’s question without needing them to click on the link. Snippets have made a name for themselves in the “on-click search” domain.

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  1. Chatbots

Chatbots have been an integral part of digital marketing and are driven by AI-based technology. These bots send instant messages in real-time to the customer or site visitors. Consumers choose to interact with chatbots due to their prompt 24/7 response. Moreover, chatbots store accurate chat history and are very patient with the customer. It tries to fulfill customer expectations by understanding their query.

Many top-tier brands use chatbot technology to interact with their customers. Some of the companies that use chatbot technology are Facebook, Slack, Amazon, Pizza Hut, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

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  1. Voice and Visual search

An increasing number of people are using voice-search or visual-search applications. People are using an application like Alexa or Google lens to find their product or service on the internet. It indicates that digital marketers need to focus on building robust image alt-text or sitemaps for their business. It has created new opportunities for the customer to get connected with their brand while keeping payment simple.

Moreover, a voice and visual search help artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict other items that consumers may like. It has created new avenues for an audience to connect with their virtual reality in more meaningful ways.

  1. Micro-moment marketing

This marketing revolves around rich personal moments. In these moments, users hastily turn towards their smartphones to satisfy their specific needs. Several search engines provide a user with readily available results that may meet a user’s expectations. The whole idea behind micro-marketing is that people expect an immediate answer that aligns with their expectations in those moments.

Micro-moment marketers believe that the users are not searching for anything specific on the internet. They are searching for business, products, or services that may fulfill their urges. Micro-marketing helps companies to capture the attention of the users at the right moment.

  1. SEO dominated content marketing

SEO wordplay is an element of researching and finding relevant keywords and making them useful in an article/content so that they can get a good rank in the search engine result’s pages. SEO helps in increasing the quality of traffic and attracting maximum clients to a website. Several content writers prepare Google’s analytics keyword planner to analyze the most popular keyword volume and competition.

To make search engine optimization work, marketing companies need to push content consistently on their website. Their content needs to be fresh and should provide answers to their client’s issues.

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The digital marketing trend will keep on changing according to the development of the internet. The tools of digital marketing will help several businesses to communicate with their potential customers. With the innovation and implementation of AI, chatbots, and programming advertisements, businesses will forge lifelong relationships with customers.

Frequently Asked question

  1. How often do digital marketing trend changes?

There is no particular answer to this question. However, the digital marketing trend changes according to the innovation and situation of the market. Since the 2020 lockdown, digital marketing has witnessed a paradigm shift in advertisements.

  1. Is following a digital marketing trend expensive?

In a broader spectrum, following a digital marketing trend is not expensive. However, several digital platforms charge money for advertisements. Businesses should calculate the yields from advertisements before implementing it full throttle.

  1. Does following the digital trend yield immediate results?

None of the digital trends promises to yield immediate results. The digital trends do take time in generating money for the company. The company needs to be consistent with its marketing strategy to create brand awareness in the market.