The wedding ceremony begins after the vows have been said and the promise of forever after made. 

At this point, the Couple wants to enjoy their first moments as a pair in a beautifully decorated reception venue. 

Every bride wants the reception to have an ambiance of color, romance, and passion. 

From the seating arrangements down to the centerpieces, all have to sing a love song. 

The bride has wished about her big day for years and would want every design to bring her dreams alive. 

You may be thinking that planning an outdoor wedding is not different from designing an indoor wedding. 

True! But working in a large open outdoor area can create a challenge when trying to make a cozy wedding decor. 

However, with the correct information, you can achieve a beautiful set for your outdoor-themed wedding party. 

Some centerpiece ideas can add beauty to your wedding decor, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding. 

This article discusses some centerpiece ideas; you may want to spend a few minutes going through them. 

The following centerpiece ideas are great for an outdoor-themed wedding

1. Rustic Inspired Centerpiece

Rustic weddings can be wonderful and super romantic. 

Think of wood accents, florals, fairy lights, foliage, and an outdoor country feel when it comes to a rustic wedding centerpiece. 

Bringing together earthy organic materials into your centerpiece décor items will surely bring fresh warmth of paradise to your wedding celebration. 

It will make your wedding feel like home to every guest in attendance. This gift will surely make them feel very welcome. 

There are a handful of rustic centerpiece ideas that are perfect for an outdoor-themed wedding.

Here’s a look at two of them; 

  • Bottle Beauty

Form a pop of color on your outdoor centerpiece using the help of colored glasses and delicate flowers. 

For this rustic outdoor wedding centerpiece decoration idea, select several deep-colored and bright transparent glass bottles as a vase to hold flowers and sprigs. 

Wrap a strand of twine around the bottle’s body, forming a bow around it. 

Next, fill the bottle with several sprays of Mongolia, baby’s breath, and lambs’ ear leaves. 

Showcase this rustic vase by placing it on all your tables as it blends into a colorful centerpiece.

  • Lanterns 

Go above the regular touch of an everyday candlelight centerpiece to something more natural. 

There are a variety of creative lanterns that are not entirely organic by nature but can connect the same impact an organic one would. 

Add light to your tables with lanterns decorated with wood, or get cool ready-to-use hurricane candle holders from Nuptio decorative lanterns. 

A lot of people admire the look of warm wood lanterns paired with a few blooms for a rustic-meets-refined centerpiece.

2. Decorate With a Floral Bouquet 

If you want something entirely romantic while you have your big moment at an outdoor wedding, 

then you must choose plenty of blooms for your centerpiece design! You have to make magic using a floral bouquet.

An entire bouquet crossing through the length of the table will add a lush touch as a gorgeous centerpiece. 

Get a colorful spark of beautiful flowers and run your bouquet with it. It will catch the attention of guests with its flawless form. 

3. Working with Chandeliers

Chandeliers are always a beauty to behold at any time of the day. They come in various designs and patterns that perfectly fit an outdoor wedding.

Hanging chandeliers as part of your outdoor wedding centerpiece is a delightful way of adding elegance to your wedding and illuminating the atmosphere at nightfall. 

The dance of colors shining through the chandelier is a fantastic way of sharing life with everyone present.

4. Birdcage Beauty 

Fill up nicely the pretty birdcage with all of your favorite wedding flowers to create a table with a perfect garden look. 

This centerpiece can stand alone, as with a burlap table runner, if you please. 

However, to spice it up with a noticeable charm, add some candles in an open jar and decorate the areas alongside your birdcage. 

It will make your table look more decorated rather than empty and scanty.

5. Citrus Wedding Centerpieces

Citrus fruits can make fun, fresh, and bright decorations when used as a centerpiece décor. 

You can use them as a summer reception table. The citrus tree will produce a sweet summer vibe while adding bloom to your centerpiece. 

Add a mini citrus tree to each table for a sweet statement.

There’s much to put together when making arrangements for an outdoor wedding. 

Working with centerpieces here can be pretty demanding. 

You need to make whichever plan you have for your outdoor wedding exceptionally different from the usual with sziqiqi candle holders

The goal is that people get to appreciate the beauty of the moment as they walk into your receptiona, venue. 

As you consider using any of the above centerpiece ideas, you must know some tips for using centerpieces correctly. 

The following tips are essential if you must use a wedding centerpiece correctly; 

  • Never use centerpieces that make your guests uncomfortable. Your wedding table Centerpiece should not be too spacious, so your guests find it hard to relax. 
  • Your centerpiece choice should be able to compliment your wedding color and theme; this gives your wedding a branded look. 
  • Consider the light of your wedding venue; if the platform is not well-lighted or you prefer a dark background, you must complement it with a well or slightly lighted centerpiece. 

Summarily, choosing the fitting centerpiece for an outdoor-themed wedding is not easy, but we know that this article can help make you have a beautiful sight to behold on your wedding tables. 

We wish you a successful wedding as you try out any of the discussed points on centerpieces for an outdoor themed Wedding. 

Feel free to always come back to this article if you forget anything about the ideas shared here, and do not forget to subscribe to this blog to get more information on wedding planning.