Fitness App Development- It is no secret that covid wasn’t something we wanted in our lives, however, it did help us become more health-conscious, and focus on our fitness. So, naturally, the fitness industry exploded, but not the one you think. 

When we talk of fitness, the first thing that comes to our mind is working out, and gyms. However, the latter one was out of option throughout the pandemic. This caused the people to turn to a more convenient option that is the fitness trainer apps. 

If you think about it, you will see it was natural for people to look for fitness apps, as mobile phones are such a big part of our life. 

While the coronavirus looks to subside, the fitness app developers are preparing for the futuristic trend of 2022. And in this blog, we shall be discussing the same. With this said, let’s get right into it: 

Wearables in Fitness Industry 

Smartphones are quite convenient, but do you know what’s even more convenient? Wearables. This is the reason why this technological trend has been growing so fast in recent years. As per the statistics by Statista, in the past 5 years, the number of wearables has doubled, from 325 million in the year 2016 to 722 million in the year 2019. 

As one can assume, wearable in the fitness industry is all set to become the next big trend in the year 2022, as the same predicated to cross the one billion mark.

After all, since the day that smartwatches, fitness bands, trackers were introduced to the common public, they were held in high regard. While one might think of them as something fancy, or an extra accessory, over time they have become quite an important part of life, and even a lifesaver in certain cases. And anyone can see that it’s not all that comfortable carrying your phone while you are working out. 

Apart from the convince or carrying, there are thousands of other benefits that this technology provides. To name a few, it helps you keep track of your heart rate, how much you have walked in a day, calories burned, etc. It is evident that wearable fitness technology is no less than a boom for fitness enthusiasts, as well as people who have a hard time following their goals. 

The growth of fitness wearables and wearable app development goes hand in hand with the boom in fitness app development. In addition, mobile app development companies are making these apps more and more compatible with WFT (wearable fitness technology) day by day. 

This means all your fitness data that is recorded to the tracker goes directly to your phone, where an app will compile all of it, and let you know where you are winning, and where you need to improve. All in all, it will allow you to hit your fitness goal faster, better, and with more accuracy. 

The wearable is definitely a trend that you should be looking for in 2022. AI in the Fitness Industry 

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the most discussed technology even decades before it was a real thing. All the sci-fi movies, novels, games, you name it, they have explored the idea. But it wasn’t until recently that it was applied to the world of fitness. And needless to say, fitness app development has never been the same again. 

A report from Research and Market, the global AI industry is forecasted to grow more than twice in the coming year. After all, it is the same technology that is one of the driving forces of industry 4.0.

But what does this mean for the fitness app developers and the fitness industry in general? Well, AI as we know it has been improving over time, and doing what it is, allows us a whole different perspective into things, and data in general. 

Artificial Intelligence along with its different brands, for instance, natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, etc, is all set to modernize the world of fitness applications to a whole new level. 

This technology is already being used to incorporate gadgets, wearables, as well as fitness trainer apps in a way, to make them more “Intelligent” and make the experience more seamless. Looking into specifics, AI has many benefits. For example, it let you personalize the workouts to make them more compatible with your fitness goals. 

Since not everyone has a whole gym at their home, AI can help you plan a workout with the equipment that you already have. In addition, it is also seen that it can identify bad posture, and help you improve it. (This is the feature that a majority of us can really use) 

Most of all, AI sticking to expectations, can become your virtual coach. With all the data you feed it, it will get to know you better over time, and help you improve even better, just like a real coach. This makes it one of the big trends in the fitness industry in the year 2022.

VR and AR in the Fitness Industry 

We have to say, after Artificial Intelligence, AR & VR are the most discussed emerging tech trends. In past years, Virtual reality, along with Augmented reality, has been hyped a lot. In fact, it was already an 18-billion-dollar industry back in 2018, as per the reports by Grand View Research. 

Now, with the introduction of MetaVerse by Facebook, Augmented Reality, as well as VR, is set to reach new heights. Truth be told, these are the technologies which every one of us dreamed of, as a child. 

Coming to the point, Fitness Industry will be highly impacted by the rise of VR and AR in 2022, so much so that they will become megatrends. This is even more relevant considering the fact that most of us have developed a habit of doing everything in our homes following the covid pandemic. 

While this technology might prove to be a tough nut to crack for any fitness app development company, the users are in for a treat. The reason is that these technologies highly increase user engagement, which will allow a whole new experience for the user. 

In addition, AR & VR will allow increasing the audience base, being some of the most innovative technology. Not just for users, these trends will also prove to be highly marketable techs for brands, and they can improve their visibility based on the same. Therefore, these are set to become the next big revenue stream for fitness-based tech companies. So, if you are one of the mobile app development company, this is something to look out for. 

Streaming Services for Fitness App 

Last but not at all least, the stream services. Fitness training programs have nothing new. In fact, even decades ago, there were fitness programs on television. All that is changed is that they have moved to the world of the internet. However, this is a bit different. 

We aren’t talking about conventional streaming, but an app streaming service for fitness enthusiasts. This combination of fitness trainer apps and fitness training programs allows the user to have the best of both worlds. 

So, what this does is it remove the need for scheduling a meeting with the trainer, and following strict timelines. Instead, you can subscribe much like Netflix or Spotify, and smash your fitness goal. 

While this trend of the fitness industry for the year 2022 might not sound as exciting as others, it is going to be big. In fact, fitness app developers are already preparing for it.