We all wish to take care of our bodies active in our busy lives. Furthermore, the fitness equipment plays a crucial role in getting us in good shape. It also aids obese people in losing weight efficiently.

Therefore, this article can help you understand the fitness equipment sales website’s truth by looking at authentic Fitnation reviews..

A Few Phrases On Buyfitnation.com

The website claims to aid those who aren’t able to take time to exercise. In addition, it sells fitness items like:

  • Flex Elliptical Trainer
  • Flex Bike
  • Vibra Weight

Additionally, they said that their engineers are experts in the field and create at-home equipment to assist users in building muscles at their own homes. Additionally, they stated that their products will increase the strength of the user’s body quickly.

Detailed Information Of The Portal

  • The website offers 30 days to return products; these details can help us understand “Is Fitnation legitimate Is it legitimate?
  • The URL to this website is https://www.buyfitnation.com.
  • The website sells gym equipment, like treadmills.
  • The website offers 30 days to the customer to return the item.
  • The email address for customer service is cs@buyfitnation.com.
  • The tracetraces on the company address are missing.
  • 1-800-872-8499 is the number.
  • With the help of our newsletter You can take advantage of 15% off your first purchase.
  • GPay Pay, Shop Pay GPay, Shop Pay, and Venmo are available payment options.
  • The portal’s date of birth is February 23, 2017, and is four years and 10 months old.
  • According to review on the Fitnation website website, it offers the customer with a refund if the buyer returns the item after 14 days.
  • Once the payment has been cleared After payment has been cleared, the company will dispatch the package from the warehouse in 3 days.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest icons are accessible.
  • The delivery policy isn’t in place.

Utilities Found

  • The address for mail and a phone number are both present.
  • Social icons are accessible.
  • An offer for the holiday season is offered.
  • Free shipping and speedy delivery feature is offered.
  • The reviews of the client are read.
  • A trust score of 75.4 and an average score of 86% finding is Fitnation legit ?

Why Is The Website Lagging?

  • The location of the firm is not available.
  • The delivery policy isn’t stated.

Is Fitnation Genuine?

  • Domain Expiry Date23-02-2022 is the date that the website was suspended.
  • Trust RankA good price is earned.
  • The site’s age-The portal is four years and 10 months old.
  • PoliciesThe policies are clearly stated however the main points in the policies on distribution were not included.
  • Alexa Rank-1961342 is the Alexa Rank value.
  • Duplicated ContentThe website’s content contains plagiarism.
  • Trust Score –The number 86% can be located.
  • Customer’s Comments– – The reviews on Fitnation revealed that mixed client reviews are posted on Facebook. Yet, a single negative review is posted on Trustpilot and other websites, highlighting issues with refunds as well as customer support.
  • Social Media ConnectionsThe iconography that are part of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are accessible.
  • Owner’s Name –The website is managed and operated by Echelon.

Accordingly, the data cited above suggests that you must do your homework thoroughly about the website as it has mixed reviews. Let us go over some of the comments we have found on the site, assisting customers decide whether they want to invest in or ignore this website for the moment.

Consumers’ Fitnation Reviews

We have received one review on Trustpilot as well as on another site that the customers have complained about the lack of responsibility of the website. Additionally, one user said that the website hasn’t been reimbursed as of yet.

In contrast to the other customers who have highlighted their poor customer service Some customers have posted their views on the site as well as on Facebook. However, on Facebook there were some who said that the products are worth buying. However, some have raised concerns about items. Therefore, if you’re looking to purchase items on the website, please take the time to research as much as you can.


This review by Fitness Reviews featured the Fitnation Reviews website, which sells fitness equipment at an affordable price. Additionally, this article has revealed that the website is present in social media.

Furthermore, as its crucial information is missing, such as the delivery policy as well as negative reviews from other sites We suggest that you take your time to search for more information on the website.