Why we can feel bad at home from improper lighting and how to organize it correctly in an apartment

New Bathroom Style best place to buy bathroom vanity store. They advise you at the stage of construction and repair, the first thing to think about is light:how many sources there will be, where they will be directed, etc. Otherwise, the furniture or unique bathroom vanities you have already bought may not be pleasant to you only because of improper lighting. You may begin to feel uncomfortable in your apartment.Explain how light affects our perception of the world and how it can ruin everything.

Why is it bad because of the wrong artificial light?

Our visual apparatus has been forming for millions of years. And most of the time from the entire history of evolution, man has spent in the air under the sun’s natural light. Therefore, sunlight for our body is the standard, the most acceptable and pleasant way of insolation. Modern artificial lighting, in which we spend a lot of time today, relative to the history of evolution, is a very recent invention, so our eyes perceive it as alien.

You think that the clothes are not suitable for you when the reason for the distorted perception is inadequate lighting in the fitting room.

It is also worth knowing that up to 70 percent of the information we receive from the world around us enters our brain through vision. Therefore, it can be argued that the visual apparatus determines how we perceive the world around us. And everything related to everyday biological perception is controlled by the subconscious parts of the human brain, which have been formed over millions of years. If a person begins to feel uncomfortable due to some disruptions in perception, he cannot determine precisely why because this goes beyond the scope of his consciousness. A good example is – imagine you come to a store to buy yourself new clothes. You choose it for a very long time and finally find the ideal option you have dreamed of for so long. Everything suits you – color, shape, fabric – you run to the fitting room to see how you will look in it. You put it on, look at yourself in the mirror – this is your size, everything fits – but something is wrong. You start to think that the clothes do not suit you, although the reason for the distorted perception is improper lighting in the fitting room. Because of it, even your skin tone may seem different to you. You feel that something is wrong, but you cannot directly connect it with the light. Therefore the subconscious area turns on. Naturally, the mood is ruined because so much time was spent, and the desired clothes did not suit you, but you think so. San Bruno Apartments provides corporate housing in San Bruno with free wireless internet access, a gym and swimming pool…Book now!

Warm light or cold: how each of them affects our body

The whole topic of correct lighting, one way or another, will be reduced to the evolution of the human visual apparatus and the comparison of artificial lighting with natural. Good lighting experts strive to artificially achieve lighting as close to natural as possible, which we subconsciously like the most. But the sun is an unreliable source of light. It does not have one light temperature: at sunrise, we see a warm spectrum, at its zenith – colder shades and maximum brightness. The closer to sunset, the warmer the light of the sun becomes. Our biological rhythms are associated with this process. Therefore, for example, in the best private clinics, they even use a particular lighting system with a built-in timer, repeating the changes in the spectrum of the sun’s light throughout the day. Thus, people are more comfortable in the room.

Take it for granted that a warm light spectrum is best for home lighting

Therefore, it is impossible to unequivocally which light, warm or cold, is better for home lighting. But there are specific standards: it is not recommended to use cold mornings with a temperature above 3000 Kelvin in a living room. After all, it is perceived by the body as a time of wakefulness (when the sun is at its zenith), intensive work, increased activity. Therefore, cold spectra of artificial lighting are used for office premises and in all places where active pastime is expected. When a person is at home, in the morning or the evening, he needs to wake up smoothly or calm down and get ready for bed, but not actively work. Therefore, it is more correct to use warm light spectra at home – from 2700 to 3200 Kelvin. If a person works from home, then it is worth thinking about different lighting for the workspace, for example, buying a table lamp with a light temperature of 4000 Kelvin or higher.

Take it for granted that a warm light spectrum is best for home lighting. Our evolution dictates this. Our evolution dictates this. And even home furniture and luxury vanities[S1]  manufacturers use those finishing materials, the color of which will be better perceived by people in warm light.

Basic lighting errors in the apartment

Again, for the space of our apartment to be perceived by the subconscious as comfortable, it is impossible to allow a mixture of several light sources with different light temperatures in the apartment. You will feel bad when there is additional light in the same space: this mistake is made by many, but not always through their fault. The fact is that when a consumer comes to a store to buy specific light bulbs, he sees the designation “warm light” on the packaging. Then he goes to another, after other lamps, on which “warm light” is also written. He buys bulbs that must match the exact light temperature, and when he comes home and turns them on together, both sources shine differently. To prevent this, look not at the designation “warm” or “cold” but at the standardized instructions – 3000 Kelvin.

Professional lighting salons will give you a free recommendation on the number of light sources based on your planning decisions.

There is also such an important parameter as color rendition, which few people think about. However, it determines how the space around you will look. Here again, the sun is taken as a standard. In lighting engineering, it is believed that the color spectrum of an incandescent lamp is almost identical to that of the sun. Based on this, any light source is assigned a coefficient corresponding to the color rendering standard. It is not recommended to use light sources with a color rendition of less than 80 percent at home because your blue in the apartment will not be blue, red will not be red, and so on.

Marketers will use the science of color rendering: for vegetables and fruits, they use lamps with one coefficient to emphasize their color spectrum, for meat – with another, etc. For home lighting, the color rendering index of the light source should be at least 80 percent, and it is best to buy it with a 90 percent index. For example, in museums, light sources with an index of 98 or even 99 percent are used – this is considered professional lighting, which is also used at exhibitions or in the theater. The higher the percentage, the more accurately the light conveys the color of the room and the objects it hits.

Another mistake from ignorance is the theory that different lighting should be used for each room. Bathroom with cold light and a living room with warm light. There are some nuances, 24 inch white bathroom vanity in the small bathroom, lighting can be extraordinary, but we are talking about light sources, not their temperature. In the bathroom, we often look in the mirror, so if you want to see your face as it is, then the light source should be not only from above but also directly in front of you, for example, a medicine cabinet with light. In the bathroom, we often look in the mirror, so if you want to see your face as it is, then the light source should be not only from above but also directly in front of you, for example, built into a mirror. It is also advisable to install light sources in the bathroom with moisture protection.There are many nuances, but the temperature of the light in the whole apartment

To minimize mistakes when lighting your apartment, it is best to contact specialists already at the construction stage because the electrician is laid first during construction. Professional lighting salons will give you a free recommendation on the number of light sources based on your planning decisions. It is better to do so that later it does not turn out that you have only one chandelier hanging in your room, which shines very brightly. Still, its light is unevenly distributed throughout the room, and as a result, you get extra light accents (strong shadows). They are also unpleasant to our eyes because there are no strong accents in nature. There are no universal recommendations for the number of light sources. Still, there is a rule – the light should be evenly distributed throughout the apartment, so do not hesitate to use more lamps, floor lamps, sconces throughout the living area.

Remember, the right light is the one that doesn’t bother you. He does not take on accents, but at the same time, you see everything well and perceive it correctly. This is the quality of light. If you are sitting in a room and feel that something is wrong, you are uncomfortable with the lighting. Then this is the first signal that it is time to change something.