Today’s cars are made in the form of everything from luxuries to essentials. With the increase in disposable income, people are willing to spend on this need. This is due to the current high position of the automotive industry. However, many future pièces automobile buyers will not be able to make their dreams come true due to the high price of new cars and skyrocketing interest rates. Therefore, used cars can be more practical in such a situation. 

Still, for unorganized athletes in the industry, buying a used car or scooter can be a risky decision. But with the input of organized players and their guarantees on the condition of the car, buying a used car will no longer be a bad choice. Organized brands in the used car market include Mahindra and Maruti. Due to the growing demand for used car players in the industry, we chose the franchise path. 

It has added another segment to the automotive franchise industry. Franchises are the best way to expand this great opportunity and spread it to the corners of the country. Carnation Auto President and CEO Jagdish Chathar said: Different players in the industry.

Car franchise concept

India’s used car market is dominated by unorganized players, with only 20% representing organized players. The used car market is roughly the size of a new car and is estimated at 2 million units per year. The market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 20% for the next five years. Yatin Chadha, Vice President of Mahindra First Choice, said: “The automotive industry is expected to grow rapidly. “

With the entry of companies like Mahindra First Choice, Popular Car World, Maruti True Value and Carnation, the sector is likely to grow aggressively. Some of these companies Mahindra First Choice and Popular Car World are leveraging the franchise model to expand their presence across the country, while others (Maruti True Value and Carnation) are their business franchises. A country in the near future, which is changing. As Chada says, “franchises are a great way to get used to the used car boom.”

Used cars are entering the market

Most of the organized players in this area are utilized with the mission and vision of automotive retailers to provide customers with a wide selection of options that are professionally organized, providing them with transparency, quality and trust. In support of this, Chada said: “Users looking for a used car were not given the option to choose the car and could not be sure of the technical condition of the car that was shown to them, unlike the previous owner. 

Scene and we couldn’t confirm it. Legally, and trading with organized national players didn’t help. That was the difference in need that led to the launch of Mahindra First Choice. ” Maruti True Value specializes. It can be used to ensure the transparency and fairness of used car transactions. Improve customer relationships and emotional ties.


Through the efforts of various actors, the sector offers great potential for the development not only of franchises, but also of entrepreneurs who intend to be part of this emerging sector. As Chada says, “Franchises are aware of the local situation and can be very helpful in areas such as personal engagement, promotion, qualification planning, and retention.” Enter this smart industry. If you are also considering options, the franchise is the best option to start your used car business. 

Depending on the area of ​​the store, you need a reasonable financial base to invest Rs 20-3. Mahindra First Choice requires 500 to 1,000 square feet of space for a franchise store and 15 to 20 parking spaces, while the company requires 25,000 to 40,000 square feet for supermarkets. Investment of Rs. 1-3. However, the eligibility criteria for choosing a car franchise vary from company to company.