Did you read about the most recent news about a wildfire that is ravaging the United States? What size of land will the wildfire cover? What caused the MT Madonna fire, and the place it started? What was the decision that the fire department took? What are the restrictions currently in place? What are the zones that have been designated to be evacuated? How can you stay safe from wildfires?

Check out the details below of details of fire MT Madonna the incident depth.

What is MT Madonna Fire?

The fire spread across more than 150 acres forest in the southeastern part of Santa Cruz County until the evening of Friday and completely destroyed 20 acres. The fire was initially discovered at 14:40 on Hazel Dell and Hidden Canyon roads in Corralitos. By 9:15 P.M., the fire was spreading throughout Watsonville as well as Morgan Hill above Hazel Del Rd without any control.

The fumes and smoke could be observed from the further Santa Cruz and Watsonville areas. There were however no injuries (or) harm to life or property.

Causes of Fire MT Madonna:

The fire department is investigating the causes of the fire and is yet to make a decision. The fire department had already announced that it believed the root of the fire would be scheduled for prescribed burns in the course of a the vegetation management program. The program is in place between 8:15 A.M. till 4:00 P.M.

The prescribed burning is aimed to control the growth of grasslands and the accumulation of fuel. The process is conducted in a manner that is mindful of the weather conditions and fuel sources.

It is believed that the fire has taken over an area of prescribed burning of Estrada Ranch into the forest.

Call for Evacuation:

PAJ E007, PAJ E003, PAJ E002 and PAJ E001 zones in Pajaro need to be evacuated because of the fire MT Madonna. Additionally, the CRZ E046 zone located in the Summit zone is being warned. The area is located at Corralitos Community Church at 26 Browns Valley Road in Corralitos the evacuation center was established.

The evacuation center at (831) 454-2181. You can also get information about the status of evacuation and zones over the internet by accessing t.co/s5GvnBLmyF?amp=1.

Action taken:

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection San Mateo-Santa Clara Unit has announced on Twitter of the deployment of aircrafts, equipment, firefighters and other resources in the region. After two hours of incident, they announced on Twitter that more supplies are being prepared to deal with the issue of fire Madonna. Madonna.

As a precautionary measure as a precautionary measure, the California Fire department has cancelled the planned TomKat Ranch prescribed burn in Pescadero. This scheduled fire was planned to clear brush from an incline north of the town, which covers an area of 10 acres.


The fire department has declared that wind isn’t an issue since this fire has been spreading thanks to dry brushwood and tender. At night on Friday it was reported that firefighters from the Fire Department had announced that no evacuations would be required aside from those previously announced. If you need assistance from Red Cross related to the Fire Madonna, please call (866) 272-2237. Madonna contact (866) 272-2237