Mini bongs are among the finest smoking devices available on the market today. A mini bong is simply a scaled down version of an actual water pipe, yet more lightweight and compact, allowing it to be easier to transport. These mini pipes are usually made out of glass and clay. They are designed to be smaller and less powerful than their full-sized brothers. Which is why many people choose to only buy mini bongs when they first get started smoking. The mini version allows them to start smoking with only a single joint or diffuser. Which makes it easier to start smoking without risking fires or serious injuries.

Filtration system:

However, mini bongs are not the best choice for beginners because they are much too small and can be tricky to use. This is because most mini bongs have no water filtration system in place. This means that smoking with a mini bong poses the same threat as smoking using a full-sized water pipe. As anyone who has tried smoking using an open end can attest to. Even the smallest puff of cigarette smoke can travel quite a distance. Even seasoned smokers have an easier time kicking the habit if they are forced to start without water filtration.

The only way to ensure you don’t get burned by a mini bong is to make sure it is not made out of glass. Mini glass bongs are extremely fragile and can easily break when being used to smoke something. This is especially true of small bongs that are made out of cheaper materials. Cheap glass bongs can easily shatter when being used on top of a mini electric heater or any other open flame, which is exactly what most smokers use to light up their cigarettes.

Mini Bongs downstream:

Mini downstream mini bongs have recently started to become a bit more popular. Instead of just being a downstream pipe, these devices feature a silicone hook that allows them to be used just like a regular downstream. This makes them highly convenient for those who enjoy smoking from small spaces. Most times you will find these in public areas such as coffee shops or bars. But some people have been known to sell them as novelty items at shows or other events.

One of the most unique features of mini bongs water pipes is the fact that they can be used with almost anything. There are many different types of chargers that can be attached to the mini bongs. These chargers allow the user to choose between regular cigarette style matches and their new water pipe chargers. The mini bongs water pipes chargers usually come in one of two options. The stainless steel or the flexible silicone.

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Mini Bongs Water pipes:

Since the purpose of these unique water pipes is to make smoking a fun and enjoyable experience. You should consider purchasing only the top quality products. In order to find the best beaker bongs you should take a look at the reviews left by people who have bought the specific product that you are interested in. Be sure to read through the comments as some people write these reviews in hopes of helping others who are trying to find the perfect mini bongs.

Although mini bongs can make cool items to give as gifts. There are certain situations where this portable accessory is not a good choice. Mini bongs are mostly used by smokers who like to take their sessions outside. If you live in an area where there is a high chance of fire or other hazards. You will want to choose another type of accessory for your home. Although many people enjoy using mini water pipes as accessories to their home smoking devices. You will want to choose something more durable. The most durable products are those that have a portability factor, because although they are small. They do pack a powerful punch!


If you are thinking about getting a mini bong as a gift for someone else you should keep a few things in mind. If the person is not very big into smoking and would rather not have a large bill every time they want to get a smoke, you might want to consider buying them a smaller version.

The smaller version can be purchased for just a few dollars instead of the usual fifty dollars per unit. You can also find mini bongs that are a quarter of an inch tall. These products have been known to have up to nine inches of stems on them. Which is still a great way to enjoy your smoking experience.