Deciding what kind of custody resolution is suitable for your family after a divorce can be stressful and exhausting. The process can be overwhelming, affecting how a court decides the best path. Parents who want their share of time with their children must fight hard in court and be at the mercy of the judicial decree.

You need reliable child custody lawyers in AZ that know the local court system well and can navigate you through potentially tricky and heart-wrenching situations where compassion, persistence, and resources matter most. Read to find the best-experienced child custody lawyer in Arizona.

Jensen Family Law

One of the most challenging and uncertain times in your life is when you’re going through a divorce. You want your rights protected, but at the same time, you don’t want to be overwhelmed by legal jargon and technical language. Jensen Family Law has the top family law and divorce attorneys dedicated to putting you at ease, aggressively defending your legal rights, and ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

Jensen Family Law has been successful in family law and divorce cases for over 30 years because of its dedication to clients’ needs and interests. They specialize in all areas of Arizona family law, including annulments, child custody, child support disputes, e.t.c.

When it comes to Family Law, you can trust Jensen Family Law to handle your case with a focused and objective approach. They recognize the importance of communication between clients and their attorneys. That’s why they offer free initial consultations on all cases involving divorce or other family law matters.

Modern Law

It’s overwhelming when you are going through a divorce. You may wonder if you will ever see your family again or can afford the legal fees. You do not have to worry about this when working with Modern Law.

Modern Law has worked with clients like you for years, and they know what to look for in an experienced child custody lawyer in Arizona. The staff is committed to hearing your situation and working with you to find a lasting answer for your family. Divorce is not a uniform process. They have solutions to help you get what you want quickly, easily, and cheaply. Get unrivaled legal representation choices such as flat-rate divorce, self-help aid, and conventional counsel.


RPM Law is a full-service law firm that offers experienced legal representation to clients throughout Arizona. The firm’s primary areas of expertise are Family Law and Juvenile Law.

With decades of experience in juvenile cases and family law, RPM Law has the knowledge and resources necessary to effectively represent clients in all types of child custody disputes. The firm’s attorneys have experience working with both sides of these disputes, which allows them to understand what each party needs during this difficult time.

The firm can resolve all types of Family and Juvenile law matters, including those involving the Department of Child Safety (DCS), including Special Paternity matters.

The Peterson Law Firm

At Peterson Law, they believe your case is uniquely about you. Their mission is to serve your best interests by giving straightforward legal counsel. Because every case is different, they tailor their efforts to help you achieve specific objectives from the outset of each session. 

The attorney working on your case takes your calls and responds to your emails. Since this involves your life, you deserve prompt, professional attention. When you hire an attorney to represent you, you put great faith in their abilities;  their firm is committed to earning that faith.

Barreda Law Firm

When it comes to divorce, child support, and child custody, the Barreda Law Firm knows how crucial it is to have access to a competent and compassionate legal team. They have a range of experience serving clients in San Tan Valley, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and San Tan Valley. You can trust their seasoned attorneys if you need legal help with a family matter.

They’re committed to providing personalized attention at an affordable price so that clients can get the peace of mind they need during their most difficult times. They aim to ensure you feel comfortable while working hard to achieve your desired outcome.

Child custody cases are overwhelming and emotional to deal with on your own. The best approach is to hire an experienced family law attorney who has worked in the Arizona court system for years. An experienced lawyer’s primary benefit is understanding what needs doing quickly; their experience helps them recognize effective methods to get results.