Finding the right flooring dealer near a home or business is important. A nearby business can send a representative to measure for the flooring and return to install it easier and faster than a business located farther away. If there is a problem with the flooring itself or the installation, a nearby business is more likely to respond quickly and correct the problem. But, how do you find a commercial flooring business that’s close by?

Finding Commercial Flooring Businesses Nearby

The internet makes finding good suppliers in one’s neighborhood easier. A person can look in a local phone book, ask neighbors or business associates for recommendations, or go online. It is an advantage to have a flooring supplier and installation service nearby so they can come to the building to measure and install in a timely manner.

It is a good policy to consider several close by flooring dealers and get bids from them to compare. A commercial flooring dealer near me will be glad to visit a client’s home or office to measure and bid on the upcoming flooring installation.

Look For a Quality Operation

Before making a final decision on a flooring supplier and installation service, ask if they provide the following.

  • Free and accurate measurement of the home or business
  • Employ only certified flooring installers for every project
  • Clean up the waste and debris after an installation is complete
  • Make an effort to cause as little disruption as possible during the flooring installation
  • Offer convenient installation schedule and show up on time
  • Include a final inspection walk-through with each customer and fix any problems noted promptly.
  • Fair and convenient billing with no surprises. There should be a binding bid before work begins, and it should be honored.

One advantage of a flooring dealer near the home or business is that a potential client can visit the flooring dealership to check it out before making their decision. While there, look for these business quality indicators.

  • Is the business well-appointed and clean?
  • Do they have helpful, experienced salespeople who know the products?
  • Does the flooring company provide transparent pricing for the goods and installation? The final quote should include the flooring goods, underlayment, trim and moldings, adhesives, subfloor prep, installation, and anything else required for the flooring job.
  • The salesperson should be able to tell a customer how long the project will take and when it will be scheduled.
  • Who are their installers, and are they qualified to install the product you choose?
  • Does the showroom have large samples available of the type of flooring being considered?
  • Are the prices in line with other flooring dealers? Prices can be compared to other flooring dealers online. Do they fall within the project budget?

Choosing the Correct Flooring

The commercial flooring a business owner chooses should meet the needs of the business, be durable, and look attractive. That is a tall order. The right commercial flooring dealer will be able to help with the product choices that fit the budget and customer needs. Some of the choices include:

  • Composite vinyl tile
  • Laminate wood flooring
  • Engineered hardwood flooring or solid wood flooring
  • Modular carpet tiles
  • Commercial carpet that comes in rolls
  • Luxury vinyl tile
  • Commercial hard surface flooring materials that include ceramic tiles, sheet vinyl, rubber tiles, linoleum, grind and polish concrete floors, and poured floors

Each floor choice has advantages and disadvantages for the customer. Choose the floor that meets the durability and style needs of the application. The right flooring choice will last longer, be easier to clean, and look great.