New website helps desperate Australians access rapid antigen testing (RATs). This is because demand for DIY-kits has soared during the Omicron surge.

This website Find A RAT’ has been launched on Monday. It serves as a test kit locator, helping residents all over the country locate testing kits.

Matt Hayward (software developer) created the new website for Melbourne’s Pipelabs.

Mr Hayward explained that the idea came about after seeing the frustration of his partner trying to take one of these tests.

“I started the site after my partner was looking to take a test, but I had no luck,” he stated.

“I thought that I’d use my tech skills and build the site right away.”

Mr Hayward stated that he was amazed at how quickly he was able get the site up and running after starting work around 10am Monday morning.

Mr Hayward had announced the launch on Twitter Monday evening, and many Australians have already signed up.

This tweet read.

The website’s data are currently crowd-sourced using user reports.

Australians can log onto the site to report on whether or not a local store stocks rapid tests.

The map shows ‘in stock’ marked in green, and ‘low stock’ in orange. ‘No stock’ is marked with red.

The stock search can be used by users who are looking for testing supplies near their address.

Although the site may still be new, many Australians already have reports on the site listing stock in various stores nearby.

It is already experiencing some issues with its initial launch, with some users making jokes about manually entering their reports.

Mr Hayward however stated that the website was still in its infancy and that he is working to moderate it so there are no misinformation.

He stated, “I am considering changing it slightly so users must approve before posting.”

“I’m currently working on some auto-moderator things, but otherwise everyone has been very well behaved.”

PM refuses to accept calls for free, rapid assistance

While the Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated to Sunrise Monday that the rapid testing would not be offered for free to all, despite the COVID-19 hospitalisations and case numbers increasing in recent days.

“We’re now at a stage in the pandemic when you can’t just go about making everything free,” he stated.

“If someone tells me they want to give something away, I’m going to pay for it.”

Greg Hunt, the Health Minister, announced that over 100 million quick tests will be arriving in the country within the next two weeks.

Although states and territories have ordered 84 millions of the rapid test kits, which will be available within the next few weeks, Hunt also stated that they won’t be free for everyone.

He said to reporters in Melbourne that “if there was an unlimited flow of completely unpriced product, then there was an infinite supply for an infinite number people, then obviously that demand can’t be met.”

“We will have over 100,000,000 rapid antigen tests… available in the next two weeks on top of the 55,000,000 PCR tests.”