Because of my job (I travel a lot around the country to work from different states) I have been renting homes for over two decades. Over this period of time, I have seen pretty much every iteration of services meant to simplify the renting process.

When I first started, the procedure of finding a quality house to rent revolved around browsing newspapers. The physical listings left me hoping to come across something that would fit me, but often left me out of luck. As time progressed and real estate became more modern, it started to be a little easier to find something that worked for me, however, there were still a number of obstacles that I had to face. This all changed after my recent discovery of RentMessage.

RentMessage is a site that makes it clear that they are focused on the satisfaction of the tenants who use their software. Every problem has been predicted and solved by them which made it a breeze to get everything necessary together.

One of my favorite parts about the website is the ability to rent message the landlord. The platform streamlines communication between the tenant and the landlord which takes away the hassle of trying to get ahold of them or expressing any concerns. The rent message eliminated all boundaries and allowed for me to simplify the process even further by coordinating with the landlord I was in contact with.

Aside from this, RentMessage also helped when I was actually looking for a house and completing the process to get into my dream rental home. Rather than having to deal with a limited selection of available homes, I could instead look through a huge list of great options each with information about the landlord, the location, and the features of the home. All I had to do was just enter the zip code that I was interested in moving to.

During the application process, the site was also helpful in walking me through pre-qualifying and providing my landlord with an accurate credit history report. Along with this, I never had to worry about my landlord and I being at qualms with each other due to the information provided in my application that helped to ensure that we would be the right fit for one another.

Everything from communication through the rent message functionality to the application process was perfect when using the site. I recommend the service to anyone who is looking to rent a home, but without any inconveniences.