Me and my family believe astrological predictions and are particularly impressed by Vedic astrology despite the fact that we belong to the western hemisphere. We wanted nadi reading to be conducted for all members of the family. Since due to the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic it was not possible having such reading through head-on contact with an astrologer or an agency providing astrological services we went for a Google search for a highly reliable site where we can get accurate nadi reading and landed at Find Your Fate the best astrological site in our book. 

We Started Gathering Information on Nadi Reading

Before opting for the site we wanted to know a little about the nadi astrology. This form of astrology also known as genethliacal astrology is based on the core concept that for determination of personality and life path can be done using such person’s natal or birth chart. After going through the offerings of various astrological sites and after comparing them we felt that the services of Find Your Fate matched with our requirements and budget.

How it Worked 

When we contacted the site using e-mail as the medium the response from the site was instant. They only asked for some core information about the persons for whom they would be providing nadi reading. They explained that for providing accurate results they need to prepare the birth chart of such person. For this they required the date, time, and place of birth, fast and last name, and e –mail address. In addition; they also wanted to know our specific requirements to be reflected in the reading. We provided the information required and within a short time and this meant that our queries were answered without exposing us to Covid19 infections as everything was done online.

The Site Explained the Process of Porutham

Before providing the results of reading the site also enlightened us on the practice of Porutham that is very popular in South India. It is the astrological study of compatibility between two persons basing on their zodiac signs and has been in practice for thousands of years. 

They Helped us to Take Informed Decision

Besides explaining the use of Porutham the site also explained the process of preparing the birth chart that has to be prepared for any astrological reading including the compatibility determination. Preparation of such chart involves determination of the positions of sun, moon, various planets, and starts on the chart and their movements. They also clarified the charges for all paid services and about the free services like daily horoscope in our mailbox. It was also clarified that there were no hidden executive costs. 
Find Your Fate not only provided most accurate astrological readings including Porutham but also dealt with great transparency. We will certainly recommend the site to others desiring astrological services online.