SEO content writing is a critical need of every content writer and the site owners (blogs and businesses). The first thing that comes to mind in the context of seo resources is a keyword search technique. You may say that this is the major need of individuals producing seo content. You can’t ignore the use of keywords in seo content. It is the initial brick, and further steps of seo are done later.

Keyword searching might be and might not be tricky for all. There are different ways of searching keywords for the content. Some prefer typing the topic in the search bar and noting the suggested searches by the browser. It is effective to some extent but, people nowadays prefer using seo tools. These may include plugins or software. This blog is a guide on how to find profitable keywords.

The audience is the first focus

The target audience should be your first focus. You should understand their nature. If you run a business website, use keywords that your audience mainly looks for. It will make them take interest in your products. Keywords should be complete in delivering the sufficient information needed to make them buy the product. Creating a target audience is the first step and then recognizing their needs are the next steps. According to experts, there are 4 stages; awareness stage, consideration stage, intent stage, and purchase stage. Keywords can be long-tail or short-tail depending on the seo needs.

Search Intent

Why are people searching? According to experts, ninety-nine percent of seo keywords are grouped in 4 forms of search intent;

Informational keywords

If people are browsing for gathering information, it can help you like you may use the keyword “how to do seo” if your business is to sell seo services. These types of keywords don’t guarantee successful leads conversion as people intend to learn rather than buy.

 A random weird words which our main page wordigram does an excellent job of doing. As would be expected, the main tool produces more common words used on a regular basis by most people. 

Navigational keywords

As the title suggests, people intend to navigate to a specific brand. These may include “daraz”, “Shopify”, “Yoast SEO”, and others. Resellers may find this helpful but, the ranking is hard.

Commercial keywords

Such keywords help researchers intending to buy a specific product but are confused with the selection. These types of keywords include using words like ‘best, ‘review’, and some others. Examples include; “best makeup brand to buy lipstick”, “review of new released mobile series by Vivo ”.

Transactional keywords

As the name suggests, when buyers intend to make purchases and thus make searches. It happens when users are already aware of what they need to buy and why. Now they only want the best price shot to crack a deal. These may include “New year deals” or “Christmas deals”.

Take Away!!

Seo strategies are important and profitable keywords should be used. Organic traffic is not enough unless they are not converted into leads. Keep checking your strategies unless you don’t reach sales targets. Keywords with high search volume may contribute to business awareness but don’t guarantee sales. The information provided in this blog may be helpful for you. If you learned and applied any seo technique based on knowledge provided in this blog, comment below.