Users always want to know the best sports odds, which sports to bet on, or even some of the great casino games.

More and more people spend some time in front of their computer screen or mobile device betting or playing online casino and card games. So it’s unsurprising because such sites as the 400 deposit bonus casino offer moments of fun and do not require large devices.

Many celebrities are real enthusiasts and followers of gambling. Here we will show you a list of those famous people you might not know who like to gamble and bet in their free time.

George Clooney

The famous Hollywood actor is another celebrity who loves gambling. In addition to his role in ‘The Big One’, this actor also likes to gamble in real life. Hollywood rumours indicate that even during the filming of this movie, he used every moment to play poker with the other actors, as is the case with Matt Damon.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is another of the great Hollywood actors who succeeds in film (both as a producer, director and actor) and the world of gambling. He considers himself to be a professional card player. It is even said that he once managed to win up to 850,000 dollars.

Gerard Piqué

The F.C. Barcelona player is perhaps one of the celebrities who like to gamble the most. In particular, the Blaugrana player enjoys poker. Rumour says he got his start in gambling when he was playing for Manchester United. There, he started getting free spins with some teammates and spent weekend afternoons playing at some of the casinos not blocked by Gamstop. When he played for Barça, Piqué was a fan of online casinos. However, he does stay away from the physical gambling houses.

Dana White

He is the president of the UFC and is also very famous for his gambling strategies and for being very good at betting.

Tiger Woods

The most famous golfer of all time, and probably the best in the sport’s history, is also a big fan of gambling. There is a rumour that he plays $25,000 a hand at blackjack. In addition, Woods is known to be a high roller.

Ray Romano

This actor is known for his starring role in “Everybody Loves Raymond” and has been a gambler for some time. He disappeared from the casino gaming and gambling scene but returned to playing poker, although not as successfully.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps became the most successful athlete in Olympic Games history on 31 July 2012 when he won his 19th Olympic medal, surpassing the previous record of 18 Olympic medals won by the Soviet athlete Larisa Latynina. 

Four years later, the American athlete announced his final retirement, leaving a legacy of 28 Olympic medals: 23 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze. So the career of the greatest swimmer of all time has ended. But the ‘Baltimore shark’ has begun a new career in the world of poker.

The former American competitive swimmer has shown great skill at the poker tables. Michael Phelps, who has always openly expressed his passion for cards, has participated in several live poker tournaments, such as the 2013 PCA or the World Series of Poker (WSOP). 

In total, the ‘Baltimore shark’ has earned $9,873 in winnings, according to The Hendon Mob website. In addition, he has also been spotted several times playing the popular card game at The Venetian and the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Alex Rodriguez

Álex Rodríguez is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time. The American of Dominican descent spent his playing career with the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB). 

Beyond baseball, A-Rod is one of the most famous athletes for his passion for gambling, especially poker. Rodriguez was one of the celebrities who participated in the famous High Stakes games organised by Molly Bloom, the Princess of Poker. This ex-skier used to manage Hollywood’s most exclusive and clandestine poker games.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has not earned his nickname ‘Money’ by simply being unbeatable in the ring. Instead, the American former professional boxer, considered one of the best pound-for-pound boxers of all time, has a penchant for bragging about his money and how he spends it. 

The millionaire boxing star often enjoys the casinos of Las Vegas, where he has lived in retirement since 2017. In fact, in September of the same year, he won $100,500 on a slot machine in one of the gambling establishments in that city. In addition, Mayweather is also known to be a high-stakes gambler. In 2013, he won over $11 million after betting on the Miami Heat, beating the Indiana Pacers by more than seven points in Game 7 of the NBA playoffs.

John Daly

John Daly is one of the symbols of America. Controversial, eccentric and charismatic, winner of two majors in the 90s (PGA Championship, 1991 and The Open, 1995), he is known for introducing a different style of golf and his long driver and his extravagant trousers. 

The documentary ‘Hit it hard’ from ESPN’s ’30 for 30’ series tells the story of the controversial American golfer, from his victories on the course to his troubles off it. A documentary in which Daly talks about his exploits in various casinos in the United States and his losses, between 50 and 60 million dollars, in blackjack, roulette, and slot machines over the years.

Did you know the names of these famous gambling fanatics, and were you surprised to see them included in this list? What is clear is that the world of gambling and the casino is attractive to countless celebrities, who like playing like us, ordinary people.