FIFA 22 Mobile

EA took the time to optimize and release an early version of their popular Soccer Stimulation game on IOS and Android. The original release date for FIFA 22 was February 2021 on PC, PS4 & Xbox One. Now we’ve released an early version for Android and IOS. FIFA 22 Mobile brings ground-breaking new HyperMotion gameplay technology to elevate every match across all modes of FIFA 22. FIFA 22 Mobile is available to players for the first-time, making it a great news for mobile fifa fans.

Mobile Console-like Gameplay

FIFA 22 Android and IOS uses ADVANCED11V11 MATCH Capture with Xsens suit which allows motion capture of 22 professional footballers playing high-intensity matches for the very first time. The result is an unprecedented volume of high quality real-human movement data that powers FIFA 22’s movements. The Xsens suites record every touch and tackle, sprint, duel, and sprint of all 22 players who are playing at high intensity. They also capture data that powers more than 4000 animations in FIFA 22. This will increase the footballing intensity, responsiveness, physicality, and intensity. FIFA 22 Mobile also features a cutting-edge machine learning algorithm. This algorithm analyzes over 8.7 millions frames of match capture and creates new animations as needed. It allows for an authentic football experience across multiple interactions on the pitch.


* Go to first. * Search for FIFA 22 IOS or Android Devices
* Click the Download button
* Completion of a verification that requires you to download an app, and play for 30 sec. The entire Verification takes around 2-3 minutes
* Once you have completed the verification FIFA 22, your IOS Devices will be downloaded.
* Click the Download button to launch the game. You will be asked to trust the app and you can press Trust
* Enjoy the game! Enjoy!