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The latest ‘Out of Position’ team in FIFA 23 introduces a welcome change for Manchester City’s world-class LB, Joao Cancelo, who can now play as a CM instead!

Although usually attacking from the flanks, Cancelo is known for his adventurous inside runs and long-range shots, making him an ideal midfielder in the perfect team setups.

After undergoing drastic changes in FIFA 23, Cancelo officially has a CM card in the game now, boasting incredible stats as can be seen here:

(CM) Joao Cancelo’s ‘Out of Position’ Player Card: OVR 90 (+2)

  • Pace: 87 (+2)
  • Passing: 87 (+2)
  • Dribbling: 87 (+2)
  • Defending: 84 (+3)
  • Physicality: 78 (+5)
  • Shooting: 77 (+4)

Cancelo is just outstanding overall and has no apparent weaknesses to his game, allowing him to control plays right at the heart of central midfield!

Additionally, Cancelo’s new card also allows him to play as a RWB or CDM as well, enjoying the Controlled AcceleRATE type.

Cancelo offers 4-Star Skills and a 4-Star Weak Foot too.

Being a right-footer, his high Attacking Work Rate and high Defensive Work Rate will prove to be crucial to an offensive-minded formation in FIFA 23.

Other than that, Cancelo’s latest ‘Out of Position’ version also has the following player Traits: 

  • Outside Foot Shot
  • Early Crosser
  • Technical Dribbler (CPU AI)
  • Long Shot Taker (CPU AI)

Cancelo’s new card here is quite in demand, which can be seen by its current price from the Transfer Market:

  • PlayStation/ Xbox: 579,000 FIFA Coins
  • PC: 699,000 FIFA Coins

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