Here, we introduce you to the Ff.advance.ff.garena .com site, known for free fire games in Indonesia, Malaysia and India. Games such as PUBG and Gerena fire-free on the mobile platform have become the most-loved game today.

Without a doubt, the free fire game is one of the most popular games for Android phone users. And we can say that the reason for the success of gathering so many fans is that there are often new updates regarding the game from the game developers to make it interesting and exciting.

So, free fire users need to know that the game developers sent the last game update on January 21, 2021 to download the advanced servers that are available now.

What is Ff.advance.ff.garena .com?

Free fire games are the largest and most popular games for mobile phones and PCs. It also has one of the largest fanbases around the world. This is due to regular updates released by its developers who work with multiple entities to improve the gaming experience. Free fire is known mainly in Asian countries. More specifically, countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and India are seeing a significant increase in fan base due to the competitive scene; players from different countries participate in these tournaments and fight for the title.

Well, Ff.advance.ff.garena .com presents us with new advanced updates of the free fir game.

Recently, free fire announced an advanced server, the registration of which is to begin soon. APK mode is no longer available. This time, players can find bugs on the Free Advanced Server by providing information about new features. There are also several activation codes available. The earliest players can put their hands on the code. The ob26 version of the game will be released on January 21st. However, the server’s opening and closing times have not yet been disclosed.

Steps to Download and Install Advanced Server OB26 for Free Fire Game:

We are sure now you must all know what Ff.advance.ff.garena .com is!

As this game is very popular, users need to search for steps and process to download Advance OB26 free server. So here we have shared the steps below:

• Visit the official website and download the APK file after logging in

• Enable installation of the application from an unknown device, if it has not been done yet

• After the installation is complete, open the free fire game and click guest

• Enter the activation code

• After entering the code, click the OK button and now you can use the new functions


It was the last update provided by the game developers on January 21, 2021. For the free game of fire, and the website Ff.advance.ff.garena .com introduced a new advanced game on the server that recently revealed an update. So you have to go through the website and see what all the updates and features have been added to the game. Please visit the official website to download and install the APk file and we hope that the steps we shared with you will surely help you to easily install your new server.