Would you mind if you look half of your age?

I guess, no one would!

Then, DETOX your scalp and clean your roots.

When it comes to looking great or pampering we start working on our skincare, makeup and hair but what about the scalp? It too needs pampering.

Not just your body but your hair needs detox too.

Yes, you read it right!

You must be wondering when and how you should clean your roots and detox your scalp.

Well, when your hair starts crimping or becomes drier, it indicates it’s time for cleaning. Detoxing your scalp means cleaning hair from root to tip, removing dirt from the scalp and restoring its original clean form. It keeps the irritating buildup at a bay from your hair while nourishing the scalp.

Various hair care products available for cleansing comprise of sticky ingredients like silicone, oils, alcohols, heavy fragrances and much more which leave behind its remains at times. Scalp detoxing and root cleaning proves to be an adept way of getting rid of these dirt.

Maintaining the health of your scalp is very important as bilious scalp can lead to hair loss, flakiness, hair thinning and much more.


Here are few easy steps to clean your roots and detox your scalp at home:

1.   Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Take three cups of water and mix one cup of apple cider vinegar.
  • After shampooing the hair, apply this apple cider vinegar to your scalp and hair; leave it for 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Wash it and apply conditioner.

The acidity in the vinegar unclogs the scalp further preventing dandruff to strip in.

2.   Apply aloe vera gel on your scalp

  • Cut the aloe vera into two halves and rub the aloe vera leaf on the scalp gently to increase blood circulation. Then let it remain for about an hour. Rinse it off with the shampoo.

As aloe vera gel contains Vitamins A, C and E it prevents dandruff and skin layering.

3.   Treat your scalp with honey

  • Prepare a masque by mixing honey with some water.
  • Then apply the masque on the scalp and the hair.
  • Allow it to settle for an hour or two.
  • Then rinse it off with shampoo.

4.   Clean it out with baking soda solution

  • Mix baking soda with some water.
  • Apply the solution to the scalp and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Once dry, wash it off with mild shampoo.

This removes glut oil and dirt.

5.   Lemon-Ginger Scalp Detox

  • Take 2 lemons and a big piece of ginger, blend it then strain the pulp.
  • Mix it with water.
  • Apply the mask on wet hair and let it stay for some time.
  • Rinse your hair with Parabens, Sulfate and Phthalates free shampoo.

Scalp detoxing helps in stimulating hair follicles, making scalp free from acne, dandruff and scabbing further allowing hair growth. Apart from DIY scalp detox treatment you can get professional scalp detoxes too.


In order to keep your hair clean and to detox your scalp, treat your hair with thickening shampoo and conditioner at home also. Follow the steps:


At the very first step, clean your hair with water as the maximum amount of build-up can be removed by just rinsing with water. Rinse very well.


Take a little shampoo (preferably Revitalash thickening shampoo).

  • Mix it with water and apply it on your scalp. In wet hair, shampoo spreads nicely. This distinctive scalp therapy shampoo optimises scalp health by cleansing and fortifying the hair cuticle. Proper shampooing stimulates blood circulation.
  • Massage in a circular motion from root to tips and allow it to sit for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


Hair ends need more moisture. Hence, after using thickening shampoo, apply a thickening conditioner like Revitalash Conditioner on your hair ends. (Avoid applying on the scalp as adding conditioner to the scalp means more build-up).

  • Cover your hair with a hot towel, it helps your hair mask absorb better.
  • Remove the towel and rinse your hair water nicely.
  • Wipe your hair and you’ll feel your scalp is fresh and clean.

Remember, dead skin and sweat clog the hair follicles. If scalp build-up is left untreated it can lead to hair loss. Using thickening shampoo and conditioner prevents build-up and makes you feel fresh.

To minimise scalp build-up, consider your hair type whether you have average hair, dry and damaged hair or oily hair. If you have sensitive skin you choose shampoos free from parabens and formalin.

Consider thickening shampoo and conditioner that fortifies your hair cuticle and the biotin in it works to improve your hair shaft thickness. For instance, Revitalash thickening shampoo has willow bark that exfoliates scalp enhancing overall hair health.

Depending on your hair type, wash your hair regularly and thoroughly to clear out build-up and choose hair care products wisely.


Once you clean your roots and scalp is detoxed, you’ll feel the difference in your scalp and hair texture. It is advisable to opt for scalp cleansing treatment as it offers various benefits such as increased blood circulation, reduced muscle tension, stress release and much more.

Hopefully, the above details help you make an informed decision. If you are looking for expert advice or good quality and certified skincare products visit Skin Elite store.