There is no doubt that remote tutoring is one of the most complex tasks faced by all educational institutions in the post-pandemic era. There are still restrictions in some places and normal teaching cannot be carried out as before. How can we simplify the task? A remote tutoring software is a great help to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from afar.

What is remote tutoring software?

If you keep reading, you will find the answer.

It is a kind of computer program or application that deals with the data of a school or educational institution through a systematic method. In other words, it is used to systematize, optimize and simplify teaching processes and tasks from one institution to its students.

Managing resources in an educational institution can be a headache, especially if you don’t have all the information, strategies, or tools needed to deal with them effectively.

It is therefore important to improve management and reduce errors, to have reports for each level, information about collections made and checking account details per student. This is where implementing remote tutoring management software in your school will make your task easier.

Some of the main characteristics of remote tutoring management software are simplification, automation, and speed of administrative work. The combination of all these characteristics takes into account everything from administration of registration, fees, debts and scholarships to automatic and manual accounting entries.

Meanwhile, if we discuss about the features, we must take the example of the popular remote tutoring management software which we assume is adequate to accommodate modern education.

Video conferencing

This feature must exist because it facilitates discussion between the teacher on the one hand and the students on the other. One of the functions offered by this feature is what is called screen sharing. Screen sharing technology ensures that everyone can share their screen display with others. This technology is very useful for teachers who want to explain something in detail and live. By using screen sharing online, knowledge transfer can take place more smoothly and quickly.

Email reminder

Class schedules are emailed and an email reminder will be useful to every user, ensuring that they don’t miss a lesson due to forgetting or something else.


Whiteboards are a tool for presenting ideas in a written format. In distance education, virtual whiteboards are just as important as whiteboards in physical classrooms. The virtual whiteboard ensures that all participants can understand any given idea.

Mobile app

A mobile app is needed so that every student can follow the teaching from their mobile. Not everyone carries a laptop all the time and in contrast to smartphones, today the majority of people always carry their smartphones with them wherever they go. A stable and easy-to-use mobile app will really help every student to access teaching anytime and anywhere. These are the main features that remote tutoring management software should have. Hopefully this article is useful to add your insight. Thanks for reading!