Video streaming apps have been becoming more and more widespread among people; the spike in the usage of video streaming apps is solely because of the better internet connectivity and growing accessibility of smartphones. With the help of a live streaming app, people can attend or partake in any event, conference, and concerts from the comfort of their home as a live streaming app break all the boundaries. 

This allows people to learn new things, interact with new cultures, discuss ideas with others, and work freely. Hence, it is necessary to opt for live streaming app development services that look into few things before building an app to stand out from others in a competitive market.

Here are the five crucial features to ponder upon before building a live streaming app as given below.

Offer value to your users

Before you build your live streaming app, you should think about what you want to offer to your users and what will be the value of your product that you are going to provide to them. Having the best technology and smart app is not always enough. Your products would require the potential to attract the users; it could be done via providing them with an experience, entertaining them, making their day-to-day lives better, connecting them, challenging them, or allowing them to do something that they have not been able to do till now and so forth. Once you have clear answers in your mind regarding such a question, then you can move forward.

Select the right platform

Initially, select which operating system you would be developing for. If you possess immense resources, then you must develop for them inclusively. But as you never concentrate on one, the two most well-known of them are iOS and Android. Then you should choose if your app would be native such as only operates on smartphone or hybrid (working on both mobiles and computers via web). This decision can be taken based on your target audience and your aim. Also, a native based app is written in a platform-based coding language, but the hybrid one supports several platforms as their codes are written in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Add some features that would make you different from others

A live-streaming app is a means of identifying yourself as inventive from others in the market. Some unique features like 360⸰ video or VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality) technology would offer your users a genuinely sui generis experience. If you add such features to your live streaming app, you will distinguish your app from others in the highly competitive market. 

Selecting a video streaming method

Live broadcasting would be sufficient while developing the first version of the live streaming app. It means that users will not be able to store the video on the server, and they cannot even stream those videos later. Once you get the team who know how to develop live streaming app, start working to expand your user base and then you can add the ‘see later’ feature that would allow users to see the broadcasts after they are finished. To make it happen in reality, you would require ample storage; this could be possible via cloud servers. They allow flexibility if your number of users increases in the future. It is affordable as well.

Efficient and accessible registration

When you are developing your live streaming app, remember to implement registration through the users’ social media profiles. By doing this, users would be able to log in quickly. You will not have to garner necessary information from the existing users, which would further ease the registration process. Make the process simple as it would prompt more users to register themselves on the app. Such a type of feature would attract new users as well.

Additionally, it is essential to provide the users with options if they do not want to register with their social media accounts. You should also add a recovery password function in your app, as it often happens that people forget their password. 

Along with the features mentioned above, you should allow your user to set up personal profiles. These are some of the features that you can add while developing your live streaming app. You might even face some obstacles while developing an app; hence it is crucial to conduct your own research and learn what is new in the market. This would also stimulate you to think about the unique ideas.