Development of crypto wallets

Converting money savings into cryptocurrency or starting to earn a lot of cryptocurrencies is not that easy, and saving them is even more difficult. The optimal solution to this problem will be cryptocurrency wallet development. It can take the form of a mobile application and be used as a new payment tool, opening up opportunities to carry out various transactions with digital assets.

A cryptocurrency wallet for business

Despite the fact that there are relatively few active users of bitcoins and altcoins (about 10 million), the cryptocurrency market is at the beginning of explosive growth. The development of a cryptocurrency wallet will avoid a lot of problems associated with storage and trading on exchanges. The capabilities of the application allow:

  • keep accounts of various cryptocurrencies;
  • make direct sales and purchases of digital currency;
  • send coins to other wallets;
  • pay for goods and services from fiat or cryptocurrency wallets;
  • deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies to bank cards (conversion);
  • connect merchants to accept crypto payments;
  • organize trading (buying and selling) between users.

If you need to create a bitcoin wallet and secure your assets, the best solution is to turn to professionals. Ordering a bitcoin wallet from Devqode, you will get a functioning Android or iOS application with wide functionality and intuitive interface. The bitcoin wallet developed by qualified specialists will have the ability to connect to exchange and bank accounts.

We provide reliable protection of the wallet from hacker attacks by means of common encryption technologies using certificates and passwords. A two-step authentication system is also often used.

What does the cost of developing crypto wallets depend on?

If you need a reliable type of blockchain wallet with broad functionality, you will have to spend a lot. The determining factor when forming the cost of the product is the functionality combined with the degree of security.

When it comes to functional cryptocurrency wallets with support for various digital currencies, Appyeet  and multi-level security, much more time is needed. The more features will be integrated into the application, the higher the price!

The main stages of cryptocurrency wallet development

  1. Determination of goals. It is necessary to designate the main goal – trading or investing, making transfers, long-term storage, and so on.
  2. Setting the terms of reference. Crypto Wallet development begins with the analysis of the initial data, taking into account the user’s requirements.
  3. The choice of technology. When developing applications, popular technological solutions for iOS and Android are used – they allow creating a quality product with the necessary set of functions.
  4. Prototyping and test launch. Allows you to monitor the correctness of the application, detect and fix possible malfunctions.

Why cryptocurrency wallet development in Devqode is cool!

We are ready to offer users a lot of interesting ideas for creating cryptocurrency wallets of different orientation. Like a bitcoin wallet with original (elaborate) functionality or an application based on samples of already existing solutions. The development process is open, so you can make adjustments to get the desired result.

To order crypto-purse development service or find out more about it, it is enough to leave an application on the website or contact us in any convenient way (contacts in the upper right corner of the website). one of the managers will consult you and answer all your questions.