Combining Korean values with Japanese quality and German dynamics, we can safely say that the Genesis G70 has given fierce competition to BMW 3 series and is now at the top of every tech enthusiast’s list of a sports sedan.

Genesis is the luxury brand of cars launched by Hyundai in 2016. While all other models launched until now were value-based models, G70 knocked it out of the park. It has a classic look of a sports sedan with great performance at high-speed cruising.

You can get to know the specs of the Genesis cars at 0-60 Specs. Genesis has become the stand-alone Hyundai brand since 2015 and when we compare the specs of all Genesis models, Genesis G70 is pretty quick but the G80 series with twin-turbo V6 also makes the future of Genesis luxury cars look very bright and this might make this brand a world market leader in the niche market of luxury car brands.

Sparkling features of Genesis G70

  1. Styling:
  2. It is a compact sports sedan.
  3. They have restrained the rear end to make it blend in just in line with present-day BMW sedan.
  4. The front of the car is very distinguishable and bullish.
  5. Interiors are expensive-looking with straightforward placement.
  6. Premium speakers, cool seats, and an amazing display make the interiors quite attractive.
  7. The foot trunk is 11 cubic in size, big enough to carry a lot of luggage for long trips.
  8. Performance:
  9. Performance-wise, G70 is quite impressive.
  10. It has a horsepower of 365 and a V-6 turbocharged 3.3-liter engine; G70 delivers really good passing power.
  11. The transmissions while shifting are quite swift and the chassis tuning is what makes the car shine.
  12. Overall, you get the soft feel of a sedan with the agility of a sports car.
  13. The brake pedals are firm with excellent responsiveness.
  14. The V-6 turbo version of genesis G70 when tested on a skidpad propelled the car at 60mph in just 4.7 seconds.

Even on long tours, the drive-in Genesis G70 is quite comfortable and the car cruises quite seamlessly on the highways. On the other hand, the infotainment system is quite bland and looks straight out of a cheaper Hyundai car.

While the interiors are not even close to Mercedes, but are straightforward and won’t confuse you while driving the car. The quality record of Genesis is quite good and all the cars under this luxury brand require much lesser maintenance over the long term compared to other cars in the same segment.

This is why in the same segment G70 has beaten BMW, Audi, and even Mercedes in many areas. With such a good driving experience and luxurious look, G70 is the cheapest of all other brands mentioned here.  Genesis G70 is thus a win-win deal for anyone looking to invest in a luxury sedan that offers both looks and performance.

The only area where it is behind the other cars in its segments is lack of some smart features and gimmicks such as ambient lightning or gesture control. However, given the price, it gives an incredible deal.