When it comes to strategizing your local SEO tactics, you would want to do everything possible to improve your rankings on search pages. Technology advancements keep changing every year and it is important to keep yourself updated with the same. Brands who choose to avoid implementing new SEO strategies often face a challenging time getting high ranks on the search pages. Featured snippets are one of the effective ways to improve your ranking and implement breakthrough local SEO strategies on your website. 

It allows your web pages to achieve higher rankings, mainly on voice search result pages. Many users have started using voice search options due to their quick and easy-to-use features. Therefore, implementing feature snippet SEO strategies will allow your brand to connect with new customers and attract huge traffic to your website.

In this article, we will be discussing various aspects of featured snippets and ways you can use local SEO services for business growth. So let us dive into the article to learn more about the 9 rules of featured snippet optimization. 

What is a featured snippet? 

Short snippets or a few sentences that appear at the top of Google’s search result pages are known as featured snippets. Featured snippets are more useful for question-based search queries, where users are looking for quick answers or short-form answers. 

9 rules to optimize featured snippet 

1. Include ‘What Is’ heading

The ‘What is’ heading tag acts as a keyword to send clear signals to Google that your text or content can be used for featured snippets. You can add the ‘What Is’ heading tag on your existing content or altogether create new content including this tag. Try to add this tag close to the top of your content or below the introductory paragraph for better results

2. Utilize ‘is’ in sentence structure 

Adding or beginning more sentences with ‘Is’ can also help you Google rank your web page on SERP. For example, you can use ‘Is’ in the following way: “Featured snippet is one of the best ways to attract more customers”, “Return on Investment is a performance-driven software used for..” and more. Adding ‘Is’ more often to your sentences can help Google easily navigate your content and increase the relevancy of your content. 

3. Describe the subject in 2-3 sentences

Featured snippets are all about giving users maximum information in a short amount of time or short-form content on the search pages. Ensure to give more relevant content and try to describe the topic in a few sentences. Avoid extraneous sentences and add more keywords to increase relevancy. 

4. Match with the format 

There are generally three types of featured snippets available out there. Paragraph, Bulleted & Number list, and Table are the common types of featured snippets that you might come across. Depending on your content, you must create the featured snippet according to the same. A local SEO service can further guide you through the best formats to rank on SERP and achieve featured snippet spot. 

5. Avoid using brand name 

Featured snippets are limited to a few sentences. You must make sure to make the sentences more legible and relevant in a short period of time. Mentioning your brand name to query-based searches might not be an ideal decision and make things more complex for you. 

6. Avoid using first-person language 

Using first-person language might limit your explanation and reduce the relevancy of your content. Using sentences such as “Our honey products have many health benefits. We are reliable service providers in the market” might confuse the users about who is “we” and where to find their services. 

7. Scale featured snippets more often 

In some results, Google can scrap the heading tag for information. You can consider adjusting the HTML on category pages from the standard paragraph tags including H2 or H3 tags. This can help  Google navigate and scale your featured snippet at the global level on the internet. 

8. Look for opportunities 

When it comes to claiming higher ranks on featured snippets, you should look for opportunities that will allow you to achieve the same. You can consider seeking help from marketing experts to improve your ranking and discover many breakthrough opportunities. Experienced marketing experts possess years of knowledge and the right skills to help you achieve your goal as quickly as possible. 

9. Iterate your optimization process 

It is important to note that achieving a higher rank on featured snippets or search pages can take some time. Despite following every step mentioned above, it might take longer than expected to improve your rankings. You must not stop optimizing or get demotivated during the process. Instead, practice your marketing approach and continue optimizing for better results.  

Keeping yourself updated with the latest SEO trends and marketing approaches will always help you stand out from the crowd and make your own unique brand identity in the market places.