Wheelchairs are a common fixture for individuals with mobility needs; thus, you need to make all the necessary considerations before buying one. Featherweight wheelchairs are a common name in the mobility wheelchair market, claiming to be the lightest wheelchair on the planet. Are all these claims true?

This article will discuss the advantages of the Featherweight 13.5 lbs manual wheelchair, one of Featherweight’s flagship wheelchairs, so that you can make an informed decision.

Advantages of Featherweight Manual Wheelchairs

They are Lightweight

The Featherweight wheelchair is made from a light steel material that is strong and durable. The chair weighs only 13.5 pounds, making it the lightest wheelchair on the planet. It is easy to carry and completely accessible to the user.

They are Foldable

Not only are the Featherweight manual wheelchairs lightweight, but they are also foldable, making them ideal for traveling. Most wheelchairs are heavy and bulky, which makes them difficult to store and carry, but not this wheelchair.

All you have to do is fold down the backrest and push up the middle of the seat, and tada! You now have a compact wheelchair that you can store in the trunk of your car. You can also release the rear wheels, reducing their weight and the space it takes.

They are Easy to Push and Propel

Despite being compact and lightweight, the wheelchair has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, suitable for multiple body types. Without the added weight of the wheelchair, it is easy to push and propel. This means that users won’t need a caregiver at all times and ensures people can easily navigate the wheelchair themselves.

The wheelchair is also comfortable. It has a one-inch thick seat cushion and backrest for comfort and style and is available in two colors, red or matte black. It has a wide 18” seat width and a 16” seat depth, offering comfort and convenience to different users.

They are Safe

When it comes to safety, people tend to opt for electric wheelchairs, but that’s not the case with Featherweight manual wheelchairs. It includes two brake systems. One set of brakes is on the front wheels and is easily accessible by the seated user.

The other hand-brake style system is for the caregiver – located at the push handles. It completely locks the wheelchair or slows it down, especially when going down a slope.

It also has optional anti-tippers that you can attach/detach when needed. It prevents the wheelchair from tipping backward and injuring the user.

They Have Amazing Features

Featherweight wheelchairs are packed with amazing features. For instance, the front and rear wheels are made from polyurethane material, making them durable and reliable. It also has fully padded armrests with customizable lengths and multiple leg rest options, such as sitting, elevating, etc.


Despite not having a fancy electric control system, the Featherweight wheelchairs are safe, comfortable, durable, and packed with multiple features. Moreover, these wheelchairs are compact, easily transportable, and safe to travel with.