FBI is a wildly adored CBS Crime Drama that was shown on the 25th of September in 2018. The show gained immense popularity with the general public in America and Canada. United States and Canada. However, the latest episode “Grief” revealed that the principal character for the series Rina Trenholm which was as played in the role of Kathleen Munroe, is dead.

The character Rina is now very well-known because of Rina’s appearance in the television show. Fans on the show have been wondering if she has died or not. But, it has been confirmed that the character from the show FBI Rina Trenholm dies in the 4th season’s 11th episode of the show.

What are you? Rina Trenholm?

Rina Trenholm, the FBI agent and assistant director in charge. Born in 1982, she is at Cambridge, MA, and graduated from Winsor School. She skipped school for two years in order to join in the Peace Corps in the Gambia. After her return to the USA she enrolled at Princeton University to pursue BA in Psychology. The school graduated her in the year 2005, and after that earned a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology at George Washington University.

Following her graduation after graduation, she became a member of at the Newark Arm of the FBI and was promoted to ASAC. She was transferred to the New York Bureau, where He was appointed the Interim ADIC.

What happened To FBI Rina Trenholm? Is she alive or dead?

Rina Trenholm plays the fictional character on the well-known TV Show; FBI; The renowned TV actor Kathleen Munroe plays the role. The actress was in the spotlight due to her role in the show on TV.

The character is then removed in Episode 11 of Season 4 since it is proven that she has died. She passes away in the show only one day before the most recent episode’s narrative. Special agent assistant, Jubal was already grieving in the first moments in the show.

FBI Rina Trenholm is killed, and if you’re an avid enthusiast of the series, we are aware of the frustrations you’re experiencing following her demotion. This also signals to viewers that there is no way to be secure within the FBI.

Does Kathleen Munroe Resign from the Show?

The executive director and crew members confirmed they believe that Kathleen Munroe is the regular cast member, which means that her promotion to primary crew member is the next logical step.

Some fans think the idea that FBI Rina Trenholm is working in secret with Vargas and is now a permanent character on the show.

Sources confirm that Kathleen is not working on any other projects that she is currently working on which means she’s not working on any projects. The most recent TV program she has under her repertoire is the FBI and other projects in the pipeline might be a catalyst for something else.


If you’re a fervent fan of the famous show about crime, FBI You are likely considering whether FBI Rina Trenholm is dead or still alive. But, it’s been proven that the fictional character Rina Trenholm vanished from the show as of the 11th Episode of the 4th Season.

She was murdered on the show and her crew members are grieving since the beginning of the show.

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