Father’s Day 2021 is nearing & everyone around the world is looking for ways to celebrate the day with full zest & happiness! From treating them as the ‘King’ of the day to gifting them flamboyant or handmade gifts, everyone has their ways to celebrate the day. But because Corona has hit the world & celebrations be muted this year, and so you can send your fathers some beautiful and heartfelt fathers day wishes in english  early in the morning to keep him smiling all day long. Also here is an idea on how you can celebrate the special day by knowing about its invention, online gift ideas, & a few questions you have been wanting to ask for a long time to your pops! Isn’t that interesting? Then, what are we waiting for? Head straight to the invention history of Father’s Day, gift ideas, & question ideas you can ask your pappa’s to make the celebrations more interesting!

Invention Of Father’s Day

It is believed that Father’s Day was invented by American Civil War Veteran William Jackson Smart Sonora Smart Dodd. While there is some speculation that his daughter began the day to thank her father’s selfless deeds and unconditional love. It’s also said that Sanora was inspired by Anna Jarvis’s efforts to have a special day designated for Mother’s Day. 

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Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas To Buy in 2021 

No celebration is completed without some amazing set of gifts, be it a handmade one, an online order or an offline bought one! Gifts are a source of showing love, appreciation, and care you have for a person, and if it’s your father, the gift and day become ultra special. Father’s Day is just a few days away, and you are still looking for unique Father’s Day gift ideas to buy in 2021 and are all confused? Don’t worry, we are there with you on this! To make your never-ending battle of father’s day gift idea search a bit easier, we have listed a few father’s day gift ideas for you! 

  • Men always have some special sentiments attached to watches and if it’s a personalized one, nothing better than that! This father’s day, you can order and gift your father a wooden watch with engravings of the message of your choice for him. This gift will not just be a timeless timepiece but also an emotional asset in your father’s wardrobe!
  • If your dad is the beer-loving daddy, you are on the right page as we suggest you order a funky solid-colored beer mug and you are sure to impress your dad on Father’s Day! You can also add a tinge of personalization to it by getting your and his picture gets printed on the mug as a memory of your ‘first drink’ with your dad!
  • From everyday work, all fathers get exhausted and tired. And they love to take some time off always and travel with their family or friends. And to equip him and keep him ‘travel-ready always, you can order him a duffle bag that would just add to his stylish accessory collection!
  • A keychain never goes out of fashion. It’s probably that accessory with a man that never gets changed despite being old, torn, or dull! Well, that’s how men and fathers are! You can surprise him with a cool keychain!
  • You can put a smile on your father’s face by gifting him a funny personalized t-shirt for his weekend drink gatherings or casual Fridays at the office! Trust me, he would love it!
  • Just as any other accessory, fathers don’t even look at their phone cases or even know which one have they put. Thus, to make him cool and all stylish, order and gift him a nice phone case with either a personalized message or his favorite actress’s picture, he is sure to love it!
  • Whether he is a brand-new dad or has been a father for years, a wallet is was and will always be his favorite. You can also gift him one of leather in the color of his choice, with all his cards and cash, along with a family picture. This would remind him of his family and would also equally make him look good.

Unique Questions To Ask Your Dad This Father’s Day!

To pair up your gifts with an interesting game or a loveable conversation is what is sure to make your fathers feel special on this Father’s Day! Not every day you sit with your father and learn the stories of his life, right? Here’s a chance of interviewing your dad in a fun way with these possible unique questions! Let’s go!

  • What is your craziest childhood memory?
  • What did you have as a child that kids of today don’t have?
  • Which family member has been your greatest coach and why?
  • What is the hardest thing you went through as a child and how did you overcome that?
  • What is your most embarrassing childhood memory?
  • What is that you loved about your parents and grandparents both?
  • If you had to go back to one of your childhood days, which day would it be and why?
  • Which was your first job and what learnings did you get from that place?
  • Tell me about the three biggest achievements and failures/learnings of your life?
  • Is there anything you wanted to wish for from your parents but didn’t?
  • What was your favorite meal when you were my age?
  • Tell me about your first crush or girlfriend in school or college and are you still in touch with her?
  • Who do you think to have a major role in parenting, fathers or mothers?
  • What is that one thing you learned from your father and wish to teach me as your child?
  • What are the ones that you love and one thing that you hate about fatherhood?
  • A romantic piece of advice that you would want to give?

Celebrating Father’s Day 2021 in some ‘Hatke’ Style!

A father might just not be your source of wisdom and pocket money, but your best and most trusted partner in every step of your life. This Father’s Day, celebrate the special day not just doing something for your pops but also doing things with him! This will be even more special. 

Love your fathers, know your fathers, and most importantly give them everything they deserve! 

Happy Father’s Day!