Are you interested in learning more about Fastenane’s online fashion store? Today, we’ll show you one of the latest online shopping websites that trades trendy clothing and fashion accessories. Social media, the internet, and trends are influencing people these days.

People want to be able to order what they see online. This applies to accessories as well as fashion products such bags, shoes and clothes. This United States website will provide everything. Let’s look at these Fastenane Reviews .

Information about Fastenane

We learned from the company profile that the site is an online rental platform that rents clothing and accessories. The site’s purpose is similar. It allows people to test out different styles and not spend too much. The rental service can also help you save your clothes.

There are many fashion items on the site, such as dresses and earrings, sandals, purses, and so on. There are also many white dresses available under the summer sale heading 2021. This includes babydoll dresses and front crop tops as well as skirts and cutouts. But, Does Fastenane Really Work ? Let’s begin by clarifying our doubts regarding the trustworthiness of this site.

What is Fastenane’s T&C?

  • Domain launch date-16/07/2021
  • Email address-
  • Transport fee- Delivery free of charge plus $59
  • Exchange policy and item return within 14 working day
  • Refund policy: Not specified
  • Newsletter- mentioned
  • Social media connections –
  • Payment methods – Visa, MasterCard (or Diners Club), Paypal, MasterCard
  • Shipping time- Takes up to 5-8 business days
  • Contact number – +1 (682) 5695-528
  • Company Address: Styleway Store at 1949 Kellogg Ave, Carlsbad CA 92008 United States

We encourage you to read on to verify the site’s credibility.

Shop from an online site

  • The portal has some 2021 sales where customers can get high-end products for low prices.
  • All purchases above $59. are exempt from shipping
  • Website provides complete contact information, such as email, company address, and contact number.

Disadvantages of shopping online

  • The sites about us page contains misleading information.
  • The official portal does NOT contain genuine customer ratings or reviews.
  • The site does not participate on social media portals.

Is Fastenane legal ??

We have identified many red flags regarding this website and it seems to be a scam. Additionally, fraudulent entities have been published online to impersonate the data and outlook from any legit portal in order to attract customers to their website. However, this is not a good time to shop. Before taking any action, each shopper must verify certain facts.

  • Domain launch date – It’s been one and seven months since the site’s domain was registered on 16/07/2021.
  • Customer ratings- While there are no Fastenane reviews from shoppers, ratings and remarks are publicly available on this website.
  • Social media icons: The Facebook and Insta icons are indeed published on the bottom page of this website. However, none is found to work.
  • Domain expiration date: The domain’s registration will end on 16/07/2023.
  • Trust index score – The site has earned a 14% trust rating.
  • Address reliability: The given company address is impersonated.
  • Trust index rank-This site is suspicious because it has been given a 1.2% trust rank.
  • Content impersonated- The descriptions and images are plagiarized.

Fastenane Reviews

We have evaluated every parameter, including the social media sites and external links. However, we found that the website had poor ratings and received disappointing customer feedback on external links. This was because shoppers complained that the site takes their money and doesn’t ship orders. However, we advise anyone interested to avoid this site.

Wrapping up

We’ve searched all possible sources to discover truthful information regarding this clothes, and accessories selling website. Also, this online website could be fraudulent since we have found Fastenane Review from disappointed customers. Accordingly, we advise against anyone entering bank details on this portal.