Rainwater flooded on the carpet usually is not a health hazard, as long as the flooring is cleaned and dried to avoid mould infestation. Finding out the source of the leakage is essential to help you determine – whether to hire a professional carpet restretching service provider or throw away your heirloom.

If your precious carpets are soiled by groundwater or sewage, it is best to discard them as they become unsalvageable. Unfortunately, if your carpets become the victim of water damage or flood, you would need professional carpet restoration services such as water extraction, sanitization, carpet repair services Brisbane, carpet stretching service, drying, and more.

Flooding, if it happens, you need to act upon it quickly to contain the damage. If you are planning on tackling the damage by yourself, we have outlined a few methods for you.

Method 1 

Wet carpet cleaning is a challenging task, but if you are patient and confident enough, you can do it yourself. If the carpets have been wet for more than 48 hours, they are unsalvageable, and replacing them would be the best option. 

  • Remove the carpet to ensure that it is cleaned thoroughly and dry. Remember only carpet can be cleaned after water damage; padding can not be restored after it becomes wet. In case you are unable to remove the carpet, then do not lose hope! You can still dry it. 
  • Once you have cleaned, dry the carpets. To fasten the drying process, you need heavy-duty specialised wet/dry vacuum cleaners that extract maximum water from the flooring.
  • Further, removing water is essential, as it reduces the risk of mould growth.

Method 2 

Another method to clean the water-damaged carpet without a professional carpet repair services provider is to remove the carpet and take it outside.

  • Lay it flat on the ground or a sloped surface and spray both sides with a garden hose. 
  • You can apply commercial carpet spot remover or cleaners. Alternatively, you can use an ammonia or pine-based cleaning solution. Allow it to penetrate for a couple of minutes before rinsing it.
  • Next, spray water to rinse the cleaning solutions suds. Generally, you should spray till the clear water starts coming out of the carpet.
  • Then lay the carpets in the sun to dry. Keep the carpets flipping to ensure that both sides dry evenly.
  • Once the carpet is dried, you can reinstall the carpet by yourself or hire a professional carpet stretching service Brisbane  provider.

Method 3

As mentioned, wet carpet must be dried thoroughly and quickly to prevent mould and mildew growth. Fortunately, it is easy to dry the curtains even if you are unable to take them out. We have outlined the method that will help in expediting the drying process as a professional fix carpet repair technician.

  • Lay several towels on the wet carpet. Walk up and down the surface of the towel in bare feet. When they are completely saturated, replace the towels. Continue this process if any excess moisture remains.
  • Vacuum the wet carpet using a wet/dry vacuum machine until no moisture is left within. Before vacuuming, spray a carpet cleaner to remove stains and spots along with dampness. 
  • Use household fans, table fans, and hair dryers to quickly dry the carpet. You can even rent a heavy-duty fan and dehumidifier to encourage the moisture to evaporate. At the same time, use sponges to absorb the excess moisture.

Hire a Professional 

Another way of handling water-damaged carpet, and the one highly recommended, is to call a professional carpet restoration services provider. Experts are proficient and specialise in flooded carpet cleaning. Plus, they are equipped with the latest tools and have vast knowledge and experience to restore your flooring. They deal with water-damaged carpet on a daily basis and are efficient at handling all carpet-issues.

Plus, they can restore your water-damaged carpet in less time. The cost of getting a professional fix carpet repair technician is more in terms of money but will save you a lot of time and hassle. Plus, they are insured, meaning if they cause any damage to the flooring, they will pay for poor service.

Additionally, an expert carpet restoration services provider uses an industrial high-speed fan to clean and dry the carpet in less time. They keep the fans running at high speed for over 36 hours or till complete drying is achieved. Plus, they employ heavy-duty dehumidifiers to remove the moisture released in the air during the drying process. 

Also, carpet cleaning and carpet repair services providers use steam cleaning (hot water extraction) to clean the carpeting.

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